AAP Pushes Sadopedophilia As A Rite of Passage

The American Academy of Pediatrics describes itself as “dedicated to the health and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults.” Unfortunately, its new Circumcision Task Force report, published last month in the journal Pediatrics, reveals instead a trade association agenda that desperately seeks to justify and secure reimbursement for a medically-unnecessary surgery that harms children and violates their basic human rights. The self-interest and selective blindness of the AAP report is especially remarkable given the growing condemnation of child circumcision by physician groups and even courts in European and Commonwealth countries, which view the surgery as an outmoded American ritual that serves no therapeutic purpose and causes both short- and long-term harm….


The American Academy of Pediatrics, reeling under criticism by advocates for human rights and children’s health of its recent report seeking reimbursement for neonatal male circumcisions, today suddenly canceled a contract that the nation’s leading group criticizing the unnecessary surgery had signed for an exhibition booth at its upcoming convention in New Orleans.

“The AAP has stacked the deck by filling its Circumcision Task Force with pro-circumcision doctors and activists, and apparently is afraid to let its members learn the truth about the unnecessary, unethical, and risky surgery its members perform more than a million times a year on unconsenting baby boys,” said Georganne Chapin, Executive Director of Intact America, which has exhibited at several recent AAP conventions without incident.

“They can kick us out of their hall, but they can’t escape the growing realization that they have trapped themselves in an ethical quagmire by seeking reimbursement for surgery the American Medical Association properly calls ‘non-therapeutic,’” Chapin said. “They know that growing numbers of American parents are saying no to the removal of healthy functioning tissue from the genitals of their baby boys in a surgery that is a violation of medical ethics and the baby’s basic human rights.” …


The enduring and anti-scientific militancy of the AAP and ACOG’s compulsion to circumcise raises questions about motivations which seem to go beyond mere financial self interest.  The powerful influence of neonatal trauma, the collision of sex and violence and the psychology of grief all play into doctors’ compulsion to inflict their own trauma on other people’s bodies.  There is little doubt that stripped of its pseudo-medical trappings, MGM is a form of sexualized sadism.  The medical legitimization of such cruelty is a testament to the transparently corrupt state of american medicine.

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