Reprise: Feds say George Washington was a Terrorist

You can’t make this stuff up:

Financial terrorists let other people commit acts of violence for them.  With money, they can buy history, ideologies and governments.  But of course it requires patience and a steady steam of BS directed at a steadily dimming public awareness.

OMG: Aluminum contamination in baby formula

Folks, the combination of fluoride and aluminum is a binary weapon against the brain.  The fluoride carries the aluminum ion past the blood brain barrier.  This is why teflon-coated aluminum cookware is such a spectacularly bad idea.  But it seems we also have aluminum “contamination” + fluoride “fortified” water in baby formulae:

There has been a long and significant history documenting the contamination of infant formulas by aluminum and consequent health effects in children. Through these and other publications manufacturers of infant formulas have been made fully aware of the potentially compounded issue of both the contamination by aluminum and the heightened vulnerability, from the point of view of a newborn’s developing physiology, of infants fed such formulas.

There have been similar warnings over several decades in relation to aluminum toxicity and parenteral nutrition of preterm and term infants. To these ends the expectation would be that the aluminum content of current infant formulas would at the very least be historically low and at best would be as low as might be achieved for a processed product. The team tested this premise and found that the aluminum content of a range of branded infant formulas remains too high. …

In general, the aluminum content of formulas prepared from powdered milks were significantly higher than ready-made milks.

Commercially available branded infant formulas used by literally millions of parents to feed children of up to 12 months-plus of age are still significantly contaminated with aluminum. The concentrations of aluminum in the milk formulas varied from ca 200 — 700 μg/L and would result in the ingestion of up to 600 μg of aluminum per day.

The concentrations of aluminum in infant formulas are up to 40 times higher than are present in breast milk. These concentrations are all several times higher than are allowed in drinking water. They are clearly too high for human consumption and certainly too high for consumption by such a vulnerable group as pre-term and term infants.

The suggestion is that these products are ‘contaminated’ with aluminum as each of the manufacturers insist that aluminum is not knowingly added to their products. …

Three years later:

Action is needed now to lower the content of aluminium in infant formulas

New research from Keele University shows that infant formulas are still heavily contaminated with aluminium.

In 2010 the group at Keele, headed by Professor Chris Exley, published a paper showing that the aluminium content of infant formulas was too high (

The Keele group has now followed up this research with an even more extensive study looking at the 30 most popular brands of infant formula in the United Kingdom.

The results show high levels of aluminium in each of the 30 infant formulas….

Powdered and concentrated formula is of course often mixed with specially “fortified” formula water containing fluoride, which is sold by the gallon in the grocery store baby food isles.

  • Even the ADA now admits that only topical exposure (direct application to the teeth) could have any positive impact on tooth enamel, and even that is in doubt
  • Drinking fluoridated water does not provide enough direct exposure to be meaningful
  • Baby teeth don’t start coming in until 6 months
  • Baby teeth begin to be replaced by adult teeth around age 6 years
  • The ADA has not even a pretense of competence for prescribing systemic exposure to a known neurotoxin.   The “D” stands for “dental”.  Dental, get it?
  • There is something pathological about a medical/governmental/media complex which fosters the wholesale and systematic brain damaging of newborn babies

Chronic administration of aluminum-fluoride or sodium-fluoride to rats in drinking water: alterations in neuronal and cerebrovascular integrity

And now this:

The benefits of breast milk have long been appreciated, but now scientists at Duke University Medical Center have described a unique property that makes mother’s milk better than infant formula in protecting infants from infections and illnesses.

The finding, published in the August issue of the journal Current Nutrition & Food Science, explains how breast milk, but not infant formula, fosters colonies of microbiotic flora in a newborn’s intestinal tract that aid nutrient absorption and immune system development. …

Or how about this: baby formula is lacking in ANY FATTY ACIDS (as of 2007 anyway).    This is criminal, flagrant, satanic child abuse designed to create a nation of slaves.

Reassessment of the role of aluminum in the development of Alzheimer’s disease

There’s no need to speculate about institutional stupidity vs inertia vs deliberate eugenics campaigns against children whose mothers must work in non-baby-friendly environments (demographically selecting against the poor, a proxy for the traditional targets of historical nazi eugenics campaigns, what a coincidence).  However it happened, it happened.  What we have here is the state vs the children.

Where are the adults?