The Big O Loses Battle Over Hopeless Detention

The Constitutional Scholar, Nobel Peace Laureate, Cosmopolitan Milk Chocolatey All-Around Cool Guy and CIA asset lost his court battle to institute hopeless, uncharged and unchallengeable detention for american citizens.  But no worries, Romney will pick up the baton next year.  Because they both work for the same party, and by the way you aren’t invited to it.

“US Totalitarianism Loses Major Battle As Judge Permanently Blocks NDAA’s Military Detention Provision

“Back in January, Pulitzer winning journalist Chris Hedges sued President Obama and the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, specifically challenging the legality of the Authorization for Use of Military Force or, the provision that authorizes military detention for people deemed to have “substantially supported” al Qaeda, the Taliban or “associated forces.” Hedges called the president’s action allowing indefinite detention, which was signed into law with little opposition from either party “unforgivable, unconstitutional and exceedingly dangerous.” He attacked point blank the civil rights farce that is the neverending “war on terror” conducted by both parties, targetting whom exactly is unclear, but certainly attaining ever more intense retaliation from foreigners such as the furious attacks against the US consulates in Egypt and Libya. …”

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