Honduras: Entire Urban Areas Handed over to Corporations

“The Honduran National Congress is currently reviewing the law to geographically define the first four “Charter Cities” in the world, three sites along the Caribbean coast in Garifuna afro-indigenous territory, Trujillo, the Valle de Cuyamel and the Sico-Paulaya Valley, which includes Miskitu indigenous territory.  One is proposed in the Gulf of Fonseca which would include the community of Sacate Grande.

“The Charter Cities initiative cedes city-sized sections of Honduras to corporations or foreign governments to govern autonomously, indefinitely.  Investors can make their own laws, build their own police force, administer services and regulate their economy.

“On September 4, Michael Strong, representing the MKG Group, signed a memorandum of understanding in the Honduran Congress to establish the world’s first Charter City, a contract is surrounded by confusion and secrecy.  Strong provided no information about the MKG Group, which has no web site or any other readily available public information.


“In blogs and international forums over the past year, a group of free market Libertarians have made clear their intention to channel their ideological vision into the blueprint outlined by New York University economist Paul Romer.

“Strong founded the Free Cities Institute [FCI] to promote charter cities, which in July 2011 co-sponsored with Guatemala’s Francisco Marroquin University [UFM] a forum in the Honduran Island of Roatan.  Though the FCI web site has apparently been taken down, the UFM page on the event featured articles by Patri Friedman, grandson of Milton Friedman.  Friedman and Peter Thiel, the billionaire founder of PayPal, founded the Seasteading Institute in 2008 and Michael Strong is on its Board of Directors.”


The privately controlled monetary system will devour the entire world if we keep supporting it.  But we can eliminate the national “debt” overnight without overturning the economy, simply by forcing banks to do what most people think they already do.  See monetary.org


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