Circumcision Psychopathology


Circumcision psychopathology is defined as a personality disorder characterized by a cluster of interpersonal, affective, lifestyle, and antisocial traits and behaviors, including grandiosity, egocentricity, deceptiveness, shallow emotions, lack of empathy or remorse, irresponsibility, impulsivity, and a strong tendency to violate ethical norms. In this article, standard methods for the assessment of circumcision psychopathy are outlined. Circumcision psychopathy is conceptually similar to antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV). However, at the measurement level, the former places more emphasis on interpersonal and affective features and their links to broad antisocial tendencies, while the latter emphasizes overt antisocial behaviors. Its association with antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) and its implications for clinical and forensic issues, including risk assessment, crime and violence are discussed. Circumcision psychopathy is associated with an increased risk for antisocial behavior, deviant sexual impulses, and presents the mental health and criminal justice systems with a formidable therapeutic challenge.

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