Vaccines: The Greater Good

See the links in the reference section about vaccines, especially the groundbreaking study from 2005 (“Regressive-autistic children show genetic trait tied to mercury toxicity”) which established the connection between genetics and mercury-related regressive autism. As far as I know there are 3 distinct types of “autism” which are needlessly thrown together in epidemiological studies, which clouds the statistics and probably accounts for why such studies keep producing null results.  The 3 types are early onset (brain damaged at birth, often caused by premature and needless umbilical cord clamping) and 2 types of vaccine-related late-onset (regressive), which are caused by mercury toxicity in genetically susceptible children, and autoimmune brain inflammation in genetically susceptible children.

(later) Well it seems my web site at has disappeared.  In the meantime you can use this link to find the 2005 study:

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