Sikh Temple Massacre: Rewriting History Under Your Nose

Years ago when new revelations about the reagan admin’s drug running and death squad activity in latin america were coming out regularly from a small number of well positioned sources, I kept waiting for american “journalism” to catch on and start talking about reality. Then I wondered how it was possible for the reaganites to control so many “independent” news organizations during and after their tenure in office. Then I started wondering at democracy now’s refusal to put current events in historical context, which would show patterns of government behavior that transcend administrations. I puzzled over the apparent agenda behind Goodman’s refusal to cover medical scandals such as psych drug-induced violence and circumcision which have important social ramifications.

Finally I realized Goodman is a captive of her main funding sources (tax exempt corporate foundations), there is no “independent” mainstream media when the same people sit on their boards of directors and there’s no way to know who actually owns these companies’ shares on the stock market, that there is a permanent government behind the scenes which ensures continuity of policy across successive administrations, and that it’s not a question of the government controlling the media, it’s a question of both government and media being under the control of an invisible third party, most likely the party which has very methodically and over successive administrations arranged for the implosion of the US economy and the degradation of american society.

The astronomical costs of implementing such machinations pretty much narrows down the responsible parties, and the patience and consistency with which they pursue their agenda says a lot about the structure and intergenerational control they exercise within their organizations.  They are clearly not ideologically or even economically motivated, they know politics and money are just phantom tools of social control.   They are masters of diversion, they seldom have to  lie in public because they ensure that the proper questions are never asked.  They don’t have to defend their policies at the academic level, they simply allocate money to ensure the correct indoctrination of the academic hamsters that explore the skinner boxes they prepare for them.  The extent of their control is well illustrated by academic economists, who have apparently seldom thought to question the morality or mathematically dictated unsustainability of debt-based money.

I can only speculate at their internal structure, governance and philosophical rationales, but I suspect the core of the organization consists of wealthy interconnected families whose wealth was acquired many generations ago, which have had the time, patience, internal cohesion and shared vision needed to achieve such domination.  It seems to me self-interest alone cannot account for such intergenerational cohesion, thus the heart of the enterprise must be inherently child abusive.  Only systematic “pruning” and limiting of children’s mental horizons and emotional development could bring about such focused and dogged pursuit of the agenda over many generations.  After all, life has unlimited opportunities for happiness that occupy less of an ecological footprint, require less attention and provide deeper fulfillment than long-term organizational and societal control.

Child rearing practices go to the heart of any family’s belief system.  The beliefs required to impose such internal controls on children must be unquestioned and largely unconscious.  A mirror of the wider beliefs and neuroses manifest in american obstetrical wards, but extending to encompass years of childhood conditioning right up through consistent intergenerational replication.  The opportunities afforded by mind control research would have immediate and horrifying applications here, provided the parents are sufficiently compromised.

Viewed as a system, one can see how they are enslaved to their own creation.  Liberating them would liberate the rest of us.  The question is how.

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