Russian Scientists Find GMO Soy Causes Sterility in Hamsters

“According to Voice of Russia, scientists from the National Association for Gene Security and the Institute of Ecological and Evolutional Problemsdiscovered that animals fed GMOs as part of their normal diet eventually develop the inability to reproduce. …

“An Austrian study uncovered similar harm in mice that consumed GM corn. An immediate consequence among the mice eating the “Frankencorn” was that their offspring weighed less than normal, and overall litter size became smaller. After three or four generations, mice who came from GMO-eating parents and grandparents became completely infertile.

Farmers across the U.S. have also reported infertility among pigs and cows that consume GM feed. And in India, an investigatory team observed infertility and other serious problems among buffalo that were consuming GM cottonseed.”

Who’s fighting against California’s truth in GMO food labelling act?  (Proposition 37, better known as the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act)

BASF PLANT SCIENCE                               $126,600.00
PEPSICO, INC.                                     $90,220.06
SYNGENTA CORPORATION                              $63,300.00
NESTLE USA, INC.                                  $61,471.39
COCA-COLA NORTH AMERICA                           $61,208.55
CONAGRA FOODS                                     $56,598.46
KELLOGG COMPANY                                   $33,248.37
THE J.M. SMUCKER COMPANY                          $20,395.84
HORMEL FOODS CORPORATION                          $19,675.68
GENERAL MILLS, INC.                               $19,401.17
BIMBO BAKERIES USA                                $17,783.28

“FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign”

“The ‘Just Label It” campaign has gotten more signatures than any campaign in history for the labeling of genetically modified foods. Since October of 2011, the campaign has received over 900,000 signatures, with 55 politicians joining in on the movement. So what’s the problem here?

“Evidently, the FDA counts the amount of signatures not by how many people signed, but how many different individual letters are brought to it. To the FDA, even tens of thousands of signatures presented on a single petition are counted as – you guessed it – a single comment. This is how, despite over a million supporters being gathered by the petition, the FDA concluded a count of only 394.”

So I guess they can pretty much do anything they want with your body.  They can arrest you for smoking pot, arrest your local farmer for raw milk, arrest you for endangerment if you refuse to vaccinate your child, arrest your kid’s reproductive development and block your right to know what you eat.  And when the ratify codex alimentarius, they can end your access to dietary supplements like vitamin D while they lie about the supposed harm of sunlight.

I guess they just forgot to tell us that they want us out of the way.

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