Is the United States a true sovereign nation?

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This is our question. Do you believe that the United States is a true sovereign nation or are we just a part of an unannounced global government? I would contend that when Pres. G. W. Bush signed in the shadow government and oversaw 9/11 the last real remnants of true sovereignty were swept away. Now, in private, the leadership of the New World Order global government decides what the U.S. fed. government will do. A little bit of public drama goes on to keep the chattel passive and deluded, but the NWO is really calling the shots. Consider the Kubler-Ross five stages for grieving a loss. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. DENIAL: “There is no NWO global government, that’s just a conspiracy theory.” ANGER: “We’re going to take back the government from the scumbags!” BARGAINING: “If we just go along with the NWO agenda, maybe they’ll let us have some of our sovereignty back.” DEPRESSION: “There is no hope. The satanic NWO is going to kill us all. We should just pray to Jesus and wait for the rapture.” ACCEPTANCE: “The New World Order is an unannounced global government that controls our government. So what are our options now?” Personally, I am at acceptance. This does not mean that I am passive. Nor does it mean I accept the more toxic plans of the NWO leadership. I just think you have to accept reality before you can change it. Where are you at and what do you think? Inquiring minds want to know. Leave a post. I dare you. Kerth from Earth


One thought on “Is the United States a true sovereign nation?”

  1. I think the highest levels of government have already entered into formal and informal agreements to join the international dictatorship of the bankers. But it won’t be a government until it’s accepted by the people. As long as they have to keep it a secret, it’s just a piece of paper like W said about the constitution.

    I can only guess at what they have in mind to coerce the people into such servitude. Presumably it will be high tech and sudden.

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