Collapsing Credibility: AAP to Release New Position Paper Supporting Circumcision


Incredible.  Is it fear of coming clean over what they’ve already done to 6 generations of american children and families?  Is it the money?  Do they hate children?  Are they diehard conservative Jews?  Do they hate sex?  Are they sado-pedophiles?  What exactly is going on with these people?

Several points regarding the AAP’s rationale wrt HIV:

1) When they talk about a 60% reduction in male HIV receptivity, they’re talking about  relative risk, such as the difference between 3% and 5% or between .03% and .05%.  A more meaningful measure would be the number of genital mutilations required to prevent 1 HIV infection, which is a function of the rate of HIV infection in the population.  In the US it would require about 380 involuntary circumcisions to prevent 1 HIV infection.  In Uganda the number would be 56.

2) No mention is made of the impact of circumcision on male->female HIV transmission.  Intact vaginal tissue is known to be highly resistant to HIV infection, it requires vaginal abrasion for the virus to bypass this barrier.   Circumcision increases vaginal abrasion, which probably accounts the the huge differences in HIV prevalence and M->F HIV transmission in the US and (non-circumcising) europe.  See the excellent writeup about MGM and HIV at

3) Correlations between socioeconomic indicators and MGM in africa are STILL not being properly addressed, including the connections between religion, sexual promiscuity and circumcision, and the impact of medically-induced HIV infection via dirty needles, which may well be the dominant form of HIV transmission in africa. Total silence on that one.

4) Rebecca Stallings discovery of a similar reduction in relative risk for HIV in FGM’d women in Tanzania (see “Female Circumcision and HIV Infection in Tanzania: for Better or for Worse?” at ) also continues to be met with complete silence.  Will the AAP be advocating FGM as well?   And please don’t tell me FGM is “worse” than MGM.   The statement is meaningless given the differences in age (MGM worse), sterility (FGM worse), speed of the operation (FGM worse), pain in intercourse (FGM worse), and neurological impact (MGM worse).

5) The AAP has zero regard for the morality, ethics or social dysfunction resulting from inflicting this ancient barbarism on non-consenting children.   Simply considering the correlation between divorce rates and circumcision rates in the US and europe would give any sensible person cause for reflection.  Apparently the AAP doesn’t think that sexual pleasure has any bearing on marital cohesion!

People don’t believe it when I point out the sexual fondling going on in american obstetrical wards.  So here’s some photographic proof.  Here’s the second picture shown at

Can you guess what the doctor has been doing to the child?

This is SOP.  They use it to determine where to make the cut and to help in the surgery.  The child is being imprinted with sadomasochism and being sexually handicapped for life.  What a great idea.  And this is just the tip of the pile of obscenity surrounding this whole sordid  practice.  See my MGM paper linked at the top.

It’s just incredible that medical doctors could be so psychopathic that they are unable to fathom how a child might experience such sado-masochistic perversion.

Reality: Neurologically, MGM is the same as FGM


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