Batman Psyop Expands to Pathologize Entire Society

“… The op called the Aurora massacre isn’t just about taking people’s guns away. It’s about inventing a pressing need for controlling mental illness before it manifests as violence.

“And once that fallacious concept is planted, the psyop pros can not only suggest we have to snitch on “suspicious behavior,” they can demand the government expand threat assessment throughout society in order to make predictions and grab people and “treat” them before they spin out of control and do something horrible.  Who assesses and predicts threat? Who develops algorithms that can identify potential murderers among us? Psychiatrists.

“In 1988, in my book, AIDS INC., I warned that fascism would stand the best chance of spreading across the world through medical operations, because “medical science” flies no partisan political banners, seems to take no side, appears to be all about objective research and healing.

“So YOU are reinvented as a potential Batman murderer. You could go off. You could snap. You could fall victim to a brain malfunction. You could give way to your darker impulses. No one is immune.  Therefore, I have to be protected from you, and you have to be protected from me.  That’s the lie and that’s the op.

“What is the op hiding? The fact that the psychiatric drugs cause violence. It’s not mental illness. It’s the drugs used to treat invented and concocted and fabricated “mental disorders.”

“In other words, we’re looking at a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“In the widest terms, the op involves randomly seeding society with the violence-causing psychiatric drugs, and then, when inexplicable murders and suicides occur, step in behind that and call it “mental illness” and implement far-reaching threat-assessment strategies to put the whole society in a straitjacket.

“When I say “concoct and invent mental illnesses,” I mean that literally.

“These so-called disorders are put in place by committees of psychiatrists, who slice and dice and chop human suffering, pain, and confusion into fancy categories, for which there are no diagnostic tests.

“So it may look like Dr. Lynne Fenton, James Holmes’ psychiatrist, and her threat assessment team missed the boat on Holmes and should come in for heavy criticism, but the truth is: the Aurora massacre will only serve to strengthen psychiatry’s position as the preeminent authority on violence prevention. …”

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