Ruby Ridge: The Age of State Terrorism Begins

Sara Weaver has forgiven the people responsible for murdering her mother Vicki and younger brother Samuel twenty years ago. Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper who shot Vicki in the head while she was holding a ten-month-old infant, is still being sheltered by the Regime that employed him. If he were any part of a man, Horiuchi would make a pilgrimage to Sara’s home in Montana to express remorse for the crimes he committed against her family.

Shortly before he murdered Vicki on August 22, 1992, Horiuchi attempted to murder her husband, Randy Weaver – a man who had done nothing to harm any living soul. Acting under “rules of engagement” that were tantamount to a murder warrant, Horiuchi shot Randy in the back, attempting to kill him instantly by severing his spinal cord.

Owing to a last-second motion by Randy, the bullet hit his shoulder and exited his armpit. Randy and a visiting family friend named Kevin Harris fled back to their cabin. Vicki Weaver flung open the door and was shot in the head by Horiuchi. The same round used to murder Vicki ended up wounding Harris.

At the time Horiuchi attempted to murder him, Randy was visiting the forlorn outbuilding that sheltered the lifeless body of his only son, 14-year-old Samuel, who had been murdered the previous day by U.S. marshals preparing to ambush the Weaver family. Three of the six camouflaged marshals threw rocks to distract the Weaver family’s dogs. When Samuel and Harris went to investigate, a marshal panicked and shot one of the dogs.

After Samuel fired in the direction of the gunshots, Randy told him to return to the cabin.

I’m coming, Dad,” shouted Samuel.

At that point, one of the marshals, in keeping with the standards of valor expected of those who serve the federal Leviathan, shot the 14-year-old in the back. …

In what could be seen as a foreshadowing of the holocaust at Waco’s Branch Davidian refuge roughly eight months later, the Feds were apparently prepared to fire-bomb the Weaver home, thereby destroying evidence of their crimes. A news crew from KREM-TV in Spokane saw several large canisters of gasoline being loaded onto an FBI helicopter, which took off and circled the cabin – only to veer off suddenly after being videotaped by observers on the ground. …;article=142056

You have to hand it to the controllers, they’re very thorough.  They arranged for the slaughter of innocent survivalists and militia types at waco and ruby ridge, and then to head off public outrage and real investigations, framed the same demographic for the oklahoma city bombing, facilitating the passage of clinton’s “anti-terrorism and effective death penalty act” in the process.

In the same vein, it was inevitable that muslims would be framed for 9/11 and the anthrax attacks.  They have committed the high crime of living on top of huge oil deposits.

So the muslims’ crime is clear, but why were survivalists and militia types targetted?  Probably to prevent americans from getting prepared for what the globalists were preparing for us 20 years ago, which is now upon us in the present day: the meltdown of the economy.  They want us dependent on their largesse as a means of controlling us.

Geographic borders are meaningless to people who actually intend to take over the world.  They really are everyone’s enemy, and yet they still parade around in public at places like the council on foreign relations and the american enterprise institute as if no one can see the emperor’s nakedness.  Their arrogance will be their downfall.

Eugenics: The Globalists’ War on the Weak

Needless to say, medicine’s war on children is just more of the same. It’s amazing how the dynamic of empire has turned inward to colonize the families and minds of the domestic population.  Truly a war without borders.  When geographic boundaries become irrelevant to government policy, whose interests are really being served?

The loss of

It seems they’ve been taken over by zionists, corporate foundations and intelligence agencies.  I noticed they started censoring legitimate questions about 9/11 several years ago.  For the utterly clueless out there, 9/11 happens to be the endlessly recycled justification for the USA’s “war without borders” which used to oppose so effectively.  Apparently asking such questions now risks being branded an anti-semite or racist or conspiracy kook.  Anything but a physicist or engineer or airline pilot or firefighter or historian or thoughtful skeptic of our current ruinous foreign and domestic policies.   Those planes weren’t the only things hijacked on 9/11.