A way out of our collective predicament

The satanic central bankers behind the throne have long had a big problem: the gravity of their crimes and their web of mutual blackmail has imprisoned them in their “control room”.   To avoid prosecution and/or revolutionary “justice”, they must maintain control over the political and economic processes which might otherwise result in their exposure and ruin.   Maintaining this control necessitates maintaining the criminal mechanisms which made them vulnerable to prosecution in the first place.  They are caught in a dynamic from which they cannot escape under the present circumstances.

Outsiders should consider this dynamic to be a huge problem for them as well.  It serves to maintain the cohesion of the criminal networks which have brought this world to the brink of economic ruin and genocidal dictatorship.

It is widely thought that the globalists’ vision of planetary control is receding into a distant mirage because it has quite predictably produced countercurrents among the foreign and domestic entities and systems which they seek to dominate.  This lack of insight into the full range of possible consequences of one’s actions is quite common among psychopaths, but that’s an issue for another day.  In the present context, it means that the technocrats which have been entrusted with the task of constructing a global government are in way over their heads.  As a result, the dreams of their financial benefactors have for the first time become vulnerable to systemic, catastrophic failure, exposing the hidden “masters” of the world to actual physical peril.

There is another unique aspect to our present circumstances: the gravity of the consequences of their failed globalization experiment.  Whether measured in human suffering, ecological destruction or some other index of planetary well being, the sum total of all their crimes to date pales in comparison to what we all face in the present time.  While the ruling elite may be among the last to pay, they or their offspring will certainly pay at some point, whether through assassination, global toxification or starvation.

There’s a simple way out of all of this.  Reconciliation along the lines of South Africa’s reconciliation commission.  In exchange for public disclosure of their families’ crimes, immediate abolition of their fictitious capital, world-wide forgiveness of all sovereign debt, public seizure of all privately controlled central banks and the issuance of debt-free money along the lines of the american monetary act, the powers that be will be given amnesty and retain possession of their current assets, which will be returned to the country of residence upon their (hopefully natural) deaths.

It’s very hard to forgive such horrific predation, but forgiveness is what we all need.  Let’s break free of the chains of the past, for the sake of our children.

Lack of Disclosure of “Placebo” Ingredients in Clinical Trials

There are lots of ways to manipulate clinical trials.  One way is to not use a true placebo:

When the FDA issued its approval of Merck’s BLA for Gardasil on June 8, 2006, its decision was based on a review of Merck’s data from five separate clinical trials, each of which included efficacy and safety assessments for Gardasil. Four of the five trials approached their efficacy and safety studies in similar fashion, comparing Gardasil against a “placebo” that contained an active ingredient, with one trial comparing Gardasil against what the CBER reviewers described as a “saline placebo.” All together, these five trials  examined a total of close 12,000 subjects who received at least one dose of Gardasil and compared their outcomes to roughly 10,000 subjects who received up to three injections of what Merck and CBER officials agreed to describe as a “placebo.”

But what is a placebo, really? One definition describes a placebo as “an innocuous or inert medication; given as a pacifier or to the control group in experiments on the efficacy of a drug.” The operative term here is the word inert. But in four of the five trials, Gardasil placebos contained a substance called an adjuvant, “a substance which enhances the body’s immune response to an antigen.” According to one of the trial publications, most of the Gardasil trial placebos actually contained an “amorphous aluminium hydroxyphosphate sulfate adjuvant… and was visually indistinguishable from vaccine.”   So although the majority of the placebo treatments in the Gardasil trials did not include Gardasil VLPs, they were by no means inert. In control populations representing nearly 95% of all “placebo” recipients, the study subjects received a formulation that actually included an immunologically active (and potentially harmful) aluminum adjuvant.

One of the five trials, however, was different. In this trial, the only one that examined a younger population of nine-to-fifteen year olds, the placebo recipients did not receive an aluminum adjuvant. By contrast, and according to most of the FDA documentation, the nearly 600 control subjects in this trial received a formulation most commonly described as either a “non-alum placebo” or a “saline placebo.” The safety results of this trial deserve special notice, since it’s the only trial that compared Gardasil to a solution that could reasonably be described as “inert.”

But even that assumption would overstate the case. Although the “saline placebo” did contain water and sodium chloride (ordinary table salt), the FDA was incorrect to suggest that there were no other active ingredients. According to the published description of this trial’s methods, “The placebo used in this study contained identical components to those in the vaccine, with the exception of HPV L1 VLPs and aluminum adjuvant, in a total carrier volume of 0.5 mL.” Formulations like this, which are made up of everything in the vaccine except its immunologically active components, are sometimes called a “carrier solution.” The correct description of the placebo as a “carrier solution” rather than a “saline placebo” was provided only once in the CBER review, buried in a table on page 301. Nowhere in either the CBER review or the published account of the trial can one find any description of this placebo’s ingredients.

It is possible, however, to infer the composition of the carrier solution from Merck’s Gardasil package insert, which lists the vaccine’s immunologically inactive ingredients. These include: “yeast protein, sodium chloride [table salt], L-histidine [an amino acid], polysorbate 80 [an emulsifier], sodium borate, and water for injection.” At least one of these chemicals, sodium borate, is a chemically reactive toxin, one that has many industrial uses as an active ingredient. These include applications as: a replacement for mercury in gold mining; an insecticide and fungicide; and a food additive that is now banned in the United States. …


Placebo fraud rocks the very foundation of modern medical science; thousands of clinical trials invalidated

You know all those thousands of clinical trials conducted over the last few decades comparing pharmaceuticals to placebo pills? Well, it turns out all those studies must now be completely thrown out as utterly non-scientific. And why? Because the placebos used in the studies weren’t really placebos at all, rendering the studies scientifically invalid.”This is the conclusion from researchers at the University of California who published their findings in the October issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine. They reviewed 167 placebo-controlled trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals in 2008 and 2009 and found that 92 percent of those trials never even described the ingredients of their placebo pills.

Why is this important? Because placebo pills are supposed to be inert. But nothing is inert, it turns out. Even so-called “sugar pills” contain sugar, obviously. And sugar isn’t inert. If you’re running a clinical trial on diabetics, testing the effectiveness of a diabetes drug versus a placebo then obviously your clinical trial is going to make the diabetes drug look better than placebo if you use sugar pills as your placebo. …”


BMJ: More Fake Placebos Discovered in Vaccine Trials

When Flu Vaccine is a Toxic Placebo

Vaccines: The Greater Good

See the links in the reference section about vaccines, especially the groundbreaking study from 2005 (“Regressive-autistic children show genetic trait tied to mercury toxicity”) which established the connection between genetics and mercury-related regressive autism. As far as I know there are 3 distinct types of “autism” which are needlessly thrown together in epidemiological studies, which clouds the statistics and probably accounts for why such studies keep producing null results.  The 3 types are early onset (brain damaged at birth, often caused by premature and needless umbilical cord clamping) and 2 types of vaccine-related late-onset (regressive), which are caused by mercury toxicity in genetically susceptible children, and autoimmune brain inflammation in genetically susceptible children.

(later) Well it seems my web site at tranquility.net has disappeared.  In the meantime you can use this link to find the 2005 study:


Google Shopping Censors Dietary Supplements in USA

“Right around June 28 of this year, Google Shopping users first began noticing that search queries for many common health products like “vitamin C” and “fish oil” began turning up zero results, whereas before they would generate a copious list of vendors that offered these products, as well as corresponding price information. In the days and weeks that followed, these same users learned that vitamins and natural products in general were no longer showing up in Google Shopping. …”


This is in keeping with Codex Alimentarius, the genocidal treaty that prevents citizens of signatory countries from accessing traditional health products and supplements under the banner of protecting the public.  The US hasn’t yet signed the treaty but it’s making its way through the system.  Apparently someday we’ll all be “living” on diet coke, french fries and prozac.

Anyway, this is one more reason to diversify your search engine usage.  Google is becoming downright orwellian.  Yandex.com seems to be pretty good.  It’s a publically-traded russian company so no doubt it’s subject to transnational economic takeover and political pressures in russia, just as google is subject to pressures here.  But the idea is diversification, not finding a new faceless bureaucracy to believe in.