Economics is Boring, Money is Cool

Even though screeds against fiat currencies aren’t entirely convincing (see Stephen Zarlenga’s work at ), the Bernard NotHaus/NORFED story is an important chapter in America’s history of, not only money, but the rule of law and Constitutional imperatives. The Liberty Dollar case challenges the Money Power of the Federal Reserve and deserves wider exposure. 

MAD MONEY by Daniel S. Comiskey

From an Evansville strip mall, Bernard von NotHaus ran the most successful alternative currency in the country. Then the FBI raided his headquarters, arrested him, and seized eight tons of gold and silver backing the notes. But even as he awaits sentencing, the $65 million question remains: Was it really counterfeiting?

Silver and gold. They have staying power. Civilizations have been using them as currency for thousands of years, and for most of the last two centuries, American cash was backed by one or the other. The U.S. started using silver dollars in the late 1790s, a period in which hundreds of banks were still printing their own money. When the country began issuing greenbacks during the Civil War, you could trade them in for gold at any time. The wisdom of that system has been fiercely debated ever since. Although Franklin Roosevelt effectively ended the gold standard in 1933, freeing up the country to print as much cash as necessary without requiring stockpiles of metal to back it, opponents persist to this day. Presidential candidate Ron Paul has advocated for a return to money backed by precious metal. He even mentioned the Liberty Dollar on the floor of Congress in March 2011.

But what was life like under the gold standard? “It was awful,” says Richard Cooper, a professor of economics at Harvard University and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. “The American public today would find it completely unacceptable. So I’m bemused by these people who want to get back on it. If you can only issue money against gold or silver, you’re depending on the production of those metals. And what determines production? Availability of ore and price. So you’re completely dependent on the accidents of discovery. It’s a foolish standard.”

Liberty Dollar coins are now classified officially as contraband—illegal even to own—although legions of them are likely stashed away in drawers and fire safes across the country. Some continue to trade on eBay, where they sell at a hefty markup. A Silver Liberty can go for about $60, twice its silver value. Some of the rarer ones bring $1,000. The prosecution in this case has indicated it won’t go after individuals who simply own some of the currency, but that selling it puts a person at risk. Like many of the regional currency officers are likely doing, Indy’s McConnell is sitting on an untold amount of it, waiting to see how this all plays out. His support for his old business partner does not fear hyperbole. “No one has sacrificed as much for freedom as Bernard,” he says. “He’ll see this through to the very end.”

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The Western Media’s Syria Propaganda Is Falling Apart

“In June, German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reported that the infamous Houla massacre was committed not by Assad’s forces, as it was claimed by the Western media at first, but by the NATO-backed terrorist opposition.   (Also see: )

“The official narrative about the Syrian conflict fell apart at that point. The moral case for overthrowing Assad was lost because it was based on total lies. The naked aggression by NATO’s barbaric pawns against Syrian civilians was clear to see for anyone who was paying attention.

“The establishment media no longer has a monopoly on reality. Official lies are challenged, buried truths are dug up, and objective reality is preserved. The magician’s tricks have been revealed by spoilers in the crowd. The global alternative media is rising and it is an engine of peace, liberation, understanding, and sanity. …”

Medical Mafia Demonizes Parents Making Informed Decisions on Vaccines

“Using electronic vaccine records tracking systems, public health doctors  concluded that about 10 percent of parents living in Portland, Oregon are making independent decisions about how many vaccines their babies should get and when they should get them. Those parents are rejecting the CDC’s aggressive vaccination schedule promoted by the AAP that directs pediatricians to give two to six month old babies between seven to nine vaccines on the same day –no exceptions.

“Public health doctors are slapping the label of “shot limiters” on parents giving their babies fewer vaccines. It has become fashionable in medical journals and media circles to demonize these parents, who engage in critical thinking about vaccination and follow their conscience instead of saluting smartly and doing what doctors tell them to do – no questions asked.   Can an attack on the legal right for Oregon parents to exercise religious exemption to vaccination be far behind?

FDA Licenses New Combo Vaccine For Babies

“Ironically, on June 14, the FDA awarded GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) a license to sell MenHibrix, a new vaccine that combines two meningitis vaccines into one shot.  The FDA had rejected the license in 2010 and 2011 because, reportedly, the British drug company giant was having trouble proving the vaccine actually worked.

“This time, FDA staff did not bother to ask for an opinion from the agency’s own vaccine advisory committee before giving GSK the green light to market MenHibrix in the U.S. for babies as young as six weeks old. In a letter, FDA official Marion Gruber, PhD, told the company that “We did not refer your application to an additional VRBPAC [review] because our review of information submitted in your BLA, including the clinical study design and trial results, did not raise particular concerns or controversial issues which would have benefited from an advisory committee discussion. …”—fda-lic.aspx

It’s remarkable to me that conscientious doctors aren’t up in arms about the governance of the AAP, especially now that so much information has been surfacing about the multiple connections between vaccines and autism.  It’s scary how regimented, corrupt and legally empowered medicine has become.  You really have to have a lot of blind trust to take your child to a doctor for anything more than an infection or broken bone these days.