Endgame in Syria and Iran Risks War with China and Russia

The empire fetishists in washington are gambling with the fate of the whole world.  They have killed the goose that laid golden eggs (the primacy of the dollar as the world reserve currency) and are backed into a corner.  They are as stupid as they are ruthless, assuming they care about the USA at all.  Very dangerous times.

“Cold War-like comments made at the ‘Friends of Syria’ conference in Paris by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toward Russia and China strongly suggest that a showdown between the former Cold War rivals, now to include China, is on.” he writes. “The prize: oil – and by implications the future of the U.S. petrodollar standard and the American way of life.

On Friday, during a meeting with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Friends of the Syrian People (an umbrella organization created by Nicholas Sarkozy), Clinton demanded China and Russia pay a price for not supporting military action against Syria and its leader, Bashar al-Assad. Russia and China are “holding up progress and blockading it,” she insisted.