CDC says fluoride has no evidence of benefit for infants

“In a letter to California senator Barbara Boxer the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director Thomas Frieden responded to questions about fluoride and infants. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1997 set the adequate amount of fluoride for infants 0 to 6 months of age at .01 milligrams per day, which is the amount of fluoride found in breast milk. The CDC was asked if more fluoride than the adequate amount was beneficial. CDCdirector Frieden wrote “We are unaware of data that directly answers your questions about the additional protection from tooth decay that could result from greater daily fluoride intake by infants, 0-6 months of age.” In other words, there is no scientific evidence that dosing babies with lots of fluoride has any benefit at all.

“When powdered infant formula is prepared with fluoridated tap water infants get a very large dose of fluoride, and it can exceed the “tolerable upper intake level” of .7 milligrams per day set by the IOM in 1997. When asked what adverse health effects could occur when infants exceed the “tolerable upper intake level” director Frieden responded that the level was set to minimize the risk of moderate and severe dental fluorosis – a developmental disturbance in children. Fluorosis means discolored malformed teeth, which can be stained brown or black. Other adverse health effects of inadvertently dosing babies with heavy doses of fluoride are not considered important by government agencies. …”

Apparently it IS considered important to continue the practice, given washington’s ongoing efforts to keep fluoride in municipal water supplies.  For what reason they won’t say, but it probably has to do with the expense of properly disposing of this major industrial toxin.
But who knows, maybe local supermarkets will stop selling fluoridated infant formula water to unwary parents.  Don’t hold your breath.
Check out the first podcast listed on the right, the interview with Paul Connett.  The fluoride pushers can’t even be bothered to purify the stuff.  It’s just raw industrial effluent.

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