How assisting seniors can help every homeowner in the World cut all their debts in half

“Millions of homeowners from around the World face the threat of bank foreclosure and bankruptcy.  Bankers are intentionally raising mortgage interest rates and the cost of living associated with mortgages in order to seize real property assets through debt default.  Bankers are the root cause of debt creation, bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure.  Through interest bearing debt they are intentionally forcing millions to lower their standard of living in order to meet the interest payment for their biggest investment of their lives – their home.  Well, there is a way to beat the bank.  There is a way to cut your mortgage payments in half or pay off your mortgage in half the time.  There is a way to cut the cost of heating,  phone service, cable service, satellite service, electrical consumption, home maintenance and repairs, property tax, health care costs and food in half.  There is a way to pay for all your debts without getting another job, without refinancing your debts and without seeking government assistance.  There is a way to do all this and more and it is all perfectly legal.  The simple solution is Private Assisted Living for seniors.

“Seniors today are the baby boomers and they represent 28% of the U.S. population.  The oldest baby boomers turned 60 in 2006, and when the trend peaks in 2030, the number of people over age 65 will soar to 71.5 million — one in every five Americans.  Seniors today are in dire need of assisted living services.  But seniors can’t afford the extreme high cost of government assisted living.  From the moment they retire, seniors are the most neglected and abused by the financial, medical, and government system.   Government is the biggest abuser of seniors, followed by medical practitioners, drug companies, insurance companies and for profit senior health care businesses.  Governments around the World are always coming up with new schemes to take everything a senior citizen has.  Government are the ones who are scheming to rob seniors of their life savings, of their pensions and of their debt free property.  They, government, are the ones who regulate, license and control all of the forms of senior financial, medical and drug abuse schemes by medical practitioners, drug companies, insurance companies and for-profit senior neglect and abusive care homes.

“So how can assisting seniors help every homeowner in the World cut their debts in half, stop the systematic system of abuse by government, beat the debt causing banks and prevent bank foreclosure on your home?  If you are a single, separated, divorced, widowed, semi-retired, retired, self-employed or recently unemployed homeowner and you have a spare bedroom all you need to do is take in a senior and provide Private Assisted Living and Shelter (PALS) for the seniors and yourself.   If you are a senior and you own a home you can offer one of your spare bedrooms to a single, separated, divorced, widowed, semi-retired, retired, self-employed or recently unemployed women and receive Private Assisted Living Services (PALS) in exchange.  It is as simple as that.  It doesn’t and won’t cost you anything extra.  It does and will cost you a lot less to live. …”

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