‘Borrow money from your parents’: Romney tells students to take financial risks

Mitt Romney encouraged young Americans facing bleak job prospects to ‘take risks’ – and even borrow money from their parents – to help improve their economic fortunes.

“The presumptive Republican presidential nominee noted that the nation’s economy is recovering but blamed President Barack Obama for presiding over the ‘most anemic and tepid’ comeback since the Great Depression.   Continuing his recent focus on younger voters, Romney said Obama’s policies are making it harder for college graduates to be successful.” …

These people have absolutely no shame.   Of course both Romney and Obama know the remedies that would turn around this economy on a dime, and the scam underlying the monetary system, but there’s no way they’re going to raise these issues.   It’s not hard to see how statistically, telling students to borrow from their parents would tend to drive parents into debt while reducing institutional risk (parents would be more likely to pay their “debts” than students) and extracting the last bit of blood into the pedatory financial system.  This is the end game.

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