Robber Barons Using World Bank for Global Land Theft

“Groups to World Bank: Stop the Land Grabs!

Groups, farmers mobilize at Bank’s annual conference, say: “The World Bank’s RAI principles are an attempt to legitimize corporate land grabs and the expansion of an industrial model of agriculture that is destroying people’s livelihoods and the planet

“As the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty takes place in Washington DC this week, farmers and environmental groups have organized to push back against the Bank’s pro-corporate, pro-privatization land grab attempts and the rights and environmental violations they bring. Screen grab from film (see below) from La Via Campesina and Friends of the Earth International on the devasting impacts of the World Bank’s land grabs on Uganda. The groups — including Focus on the Global South, Friends of the Earth International and GRAIN — say the World Bank is a leading force behind the land grabs, which allow giant global corporations to gobble up land and resources from local communities.

“In a group statement on the Bank’s conference, the protesting groups say, “The World Bank is playing a key role in this global land grab by making capital and guarantees available for big multinational investors, providing technical assistance and support to ‘improve the agricultural  investment climate’ in so-called recipient countries, and promoting policies and laws that are corporate-oriented rather than people-centered.”

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