When Governments Go Bad: The Basic Federal Government Business Model

The business model is create the problem and then pose as the savior. 9/11 was a classic example, it served the foreign conquest establishment well. OKC and Fast and furious served the domestic theatre. They should be even more alarming: why does this corrupt, murderous, drug running, torture exporting state want to disarm us? Could the transnational oligarchs who bragged about supporting pol pot in cambodia have similar designs on this country? What do you think?

Innocents Betrayed: The True Story of Gun Control


John Perkins, Economic Hit Man on Speaking Freely

“For many years John Perkins was an “economic hit man” in the world of international finance; a function he performed by persuading Third World countries to take on large -scale public works projects. Today, we recognize that these types of projects, financed by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), have served to enrich U.S. corporations while creating crippling debt for these countries, effectively turning them into American client states. Experiencing a change of heart, Perkins resigned from the business in 1981. After running a utility company, he founded the nonprofit organization, Dream Change Coalition, which works closely with Amazonian and other indigenous people to help preserve their environments and cultures. Take the time for a conversation with Perkins about globalization and inequality around the world.”