Stop The CISPA Nightmare

If Pink Slime and Meat Glue are enough to rouse Americans to register displeasure with their elected ones, this should send them over the top….if they’re paying attention. Lauren Weinstein pays attention.

In their scramble yesterday to pass CISPA — H.R. 3523: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 — Congress’ House of Representatives has created a framework for attacks on civil rights and privacy that not only far exceed the abusive potential of the much despised (and currently sidelined) SOPA and PIPA legislation, but also that of PATRIOT itself.

It didn’t have to be this way. We can all acknowledge that cybersecurity is a serious issue, and that real cybersecurity threats do exist.

But as I’ve noted in CISPA, Cybersecurity, and the Devil in the Dark and elsewhere, cybersecurity has become a new target for exploitation by intelligence agencies and commercial profiteers alike, and CISPA legislation in particular has seemed increasingly problematic from the word go.

The rumor was that various amendments would be added to CISPA before yesterday’s House vote, to correct some of the more egregious privacy problems contained in the main legislation.

Instead, in an absolutely stunning display of disrespect for legitimate privacy concerns and other civil rights, the House not only failed to make the legislation better before passing it by a 248 to 168 margin, but by voice vote they actually made it incredibly more dangerous and outrageous.

The result is one of the most toxic witch’s brews against civil rights and privacy as can be imagined.

The U.S. Senate has yet to take action on CISPA, and President Obama was threatening to possibly veto it even before the House’s travesties of yesterday.

But if you objected to SOPA and PIPA, if you care about the privacy of your Internet communications, this is no time to be on the sidelines.

Tell your Senators and the President in no uncertain terms that you want appropriate cybersecurity legislation, but that you are unwilling to flush your civil rights down the toilet in the process. And do keep in mind who voted for CISPA in the House. You may want to express your displeasure to them as well.

CISPA and its kin must be definitively, absolutely, and unambiguously stopped in their tracks.      Lauren Weinstein

Full article is at   While you’re there, he has an important piece on the “DNS Changer” Trojan, with a link to evaluate your own system.