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Every ambitious would-be empire clarions it abroad that she is conquering the world to bring it peace, security and freedom, and is sacrificing her sons only for the most noble and humanitarian purposes. That is a lie, and it is an ancient lie, yet generations still rise and believe it! …

If America ever does seek Empire, and most nations do, then planned reforms in our domestic life will be abandoned, States Rights will be abolished — in order to impose a centralized government upon us for the purpose of internal repudiation of freedom, and adventures abroad.

The American Dream will then die — on battlefields all over the world — and a nation conceived in liberty will destroy liberty for Americans and impose tyranny on subject nations.

— George S. Boutwell – (1818-1905) American statesman, Secretary of the Treasury under President Ulysses S. Grant, Governor of Massachusetts, Senator and Representative from Massachusetts and the first Commissioner of Internal Revenue under President Abraham Lincoln.)

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  1. Wow, great quote! Where did you find this? Why do we have to keep re-inventing the wheel? These truths as embodied in this quote have been known to wise men since forever, but we keep having to fight the battles against tyranny over and over. Can we figure out a way to make liberty, tolerance and compassion the default mode for modern societies?

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