The Looting of the Social Security “Trust” Fund

“Social Security is not an “entitlement program” paid for by government taxes. It is a completely separate program with its own revenue stream and retiree payments. Social Security is paid for by employees and employers, as is Medicare. The benefits provided by Social Security are earned, not bestowed by the government. None of the Social Security funds can legally be “borrowed” by the federal government. …

“According to the 2008 Social Security Trustees report, the Social Security Administration runs at a surplus of about $190 billion per year. Using any realistic view of the U.S. economy, the Social Security System will stay solvent, in fact reap a surplus, throughout the entire twenty-first century! …

“The impact of Social Security benefits on the lives of citizens and on local economies is incalculable. In 1995 Social Security paid $340 billion in benefits.

“Since the Johnson administration, the cabal that came into power through the coup d’etat of the Kennedy assassination has been looting Social Security funds and using them to pay for their illegal operations in six theaters of war.

“Cabal puppet politicians never mention that the Social Security system has been compiling a huge surplus since it was created. Why? Because they’ve been illegally looting that surplus for years to hide the real size of the current federal budget deficit, allowing them to spend more and justify tax cuts for the wealthy. US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) data show that while government’s reported deficit averaged about $300 billion a year from 2002 to 2006, the real current deficit was actually more than 50 per cent larger. The government just “steals” about $160-$200 billion from the Social Security Trust Fund every year–under the table. In 2007, the real deficit was $449 billion according to the OMB. However, the “official” deficit widely reported was only $257 billion, because government policy added the borrowed Social Security Trust Fund surplus ($192 billion in 2007) to revenues before calculating the “official” deficit.

The cabal wants to pillage social security because that’s where the money is–in the TRILLIONS!”

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