The Destruction of American Education

“It might seem that the word “destruction” in the title of this essay is a bit over the top. But it’s the only accurate description of what has happened and is happening in America today. The capitalist cabal that now controls the U.S. Obushmahas systematically destroyed American education in general and is currently attacking each academic discipline.

“Obama, the cabal puppet, has continued the Bush onslaught against public education and initiated a new attack through what he calls his “Race to the Top” initiative. Actually, it constitutes a race to the bottom for American students.

“The basic idea is to force state governments to compete for $4.35 billion in federal assistance, with the money going to those states which do the most to promote charter schools, utilize standardized testing, and weaken workplace rules for teachers. Essentially, the scheme sets up a bidding war among the states for desperately needed funds on the basis of an anti-public education agenda that has been promoted for decades by the right wing.

“Pairing the Democratic Party demagogue Sharpton with Gingrich is aimed at suggesting that a broad coalition has formed behind Obama’s education agenda.

“Sharpton’s role is to defuse opposition in largely African-American urban schools that will be particularly devastated by Obama’s policies. Citing the ‘achievement gap’ that remains between black and white students, Sharpton now champions the same policies he opposed when they were put forward by the Bush administration. …”

Is it permissible yet to talk of a cabal or conspiracy even though we don’t know each and every conspirator and each and every mechanism of control and we don’t have sworn testimony in open court with the mainstream media faithfully reporting its proceedings?   Is it clear yet that it’s no longer reasonable to expect the judicial system or the media to act in the interest even of national preservation?  Do we really need proof of intent in order to act in an organized way to obviously systematic destruction?

At this point the crooks have a gun to our heads.  They’ve loaded the chamber and are in the process of squeezing the trigger, and still they mouth soothing platitudes about how they’re working for us in some way which, to put it mildly, is not readily apparent.

I’ve heard that everything hitler did was legal.  I don’t know about that, but so far everything the bush/clinton/bush/obama regime has officially done was legal.  It’s what they’ve done under the table to produce the current legal situation that was criminal.  So you have a choice, you can pretend that we’re in a gentleman’s game and stay in the comfortable role of the loyal opposition, or you can start thinking for yourself.  But the thing is, time is running out.  The rising level of consciousness among the public is in a race with the final preparations of those who have controlled this country behind the scenes for decades.

History repeats itself because human institutions are immortal and their institutional interests don’t change.  The cabal which links wall street and the city of london was behind the rise of hitler and mussolini.  The virus of empire has been transmitted from britain to the USA.  We’re back in 1776.

What kind of psychopathic thought processes could provoke such a statement in such a context?  What is going on in the minds of the ruling elite?

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