Globalist Salesman Says National Sovereignty is Obsolete

UK politician Paddy Ashdown, during a recent TED Talk, claims power is shifting from nation-states to a global stage where the lawless global elite will somehow create “sensible” treaty-based global governance, citing the World Trade Organization (WTO) as a prime example. While he chastises the bankers whom he calls “money changers,” he fails to note that they along with other corporate-financier interests, hold dominion over the WTO and indeed all so-called “international institutions.”

Ashdown sees the world as interdependent at an unprecedented level and that tragedy in one nation inevitably affects all others. He also claims that the nation-state is no longer a viable proposition and cites a myriad of contrived global threats, the fraudulent “War on Terror” in particular, as evidence supporting his argument.

It’s just a logical extension of the ongoing war on the family.   All autonomous social and economic groupings must be digested into  the global hive, administered under the benevolent dictatorship of the luciferian counterfeiters.   What could go wrong?

In general people who have reached a certain minimum level of power in the governing hierarchy can be expected to personally benefit from the further consolidation of power, in the same way that wealth concentration tends to favor people who have a certain minimum level of wealth.   People below that level are pushed further down into the abyss.

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