Bank Holiday coming?

So how will the powers that be try to maintain control as things begin to fall apart?  Expect some kind of false flag attack.  In the USA, the most likely villans of the hour will be americans.  Veterans, farmers, gun owners, anyone who might form a nucleus of local community and self-sufficiency will be vilified and branded as suspected terrorists.  This is how they conduct counterinsurgencies: pit one group against another and decimate the social and physical capacity for local self-organization and self-sufficiency.  The idea is for people to rally around the government for safety.  Iran is still high on the agenda though, which is probably why they’re cooking up stories about “white al qaeda” being recruited by the iranians for terrorist attacks in the USA.   Maybe soon it will be “white russian al qaeda maoist federal reserve activists” for good measure.   After all, they want to take over the world, so everyone is their enemy.

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