US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to GMO Crops

“The United States is threatening nations who oppose Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) crops with military-style trade wars, according to information obtained and released by the organization WikiLeaks.

“Nations like France, which have moved to ban one of Monsanto’s GM corn varieties, were requested to be ‘penalized’ by the United States for opposing Monsanto and genetically modified foods.

“The information reveals just how deep Monsanto’s roots have penetrated key positions within the United States government, with the cables reporting that many U.S. diplomats work directly for Monsanto. …

“The ambassador plainly calls for ‘target retaliation’ against nations who are against using Monsanto’s genetically modified corn, admittedly linked to organ damage and environmental devastation.

“Amazingly, this is not an isolated case. In similar newly released cables, United States diplomats are found to have pushed GMO crops as a strategic government and commercial imperative.

“Furthermore, the U.S. specifically targeted advisers to the Pope, due to the fact that many Catholic bishops and figureheads have openly denounced GMO crops. In fact, the Vatican has openly declared Monsanto’s GMO crops as a ‘new form of slavery’.”

Well if they can’t dump their toxins elsewhere they can still force it down american’s throats.

Globalist Salesman Says National Sovereignty is Obsolete

UK politician Paddy Ashdown, during a recent TED Talk, claims power is shifting from nation-states to a global stage where the lawless global elite will somehow create “sensible” treaty-based global governance, citing the World Trade Organization (WTO) as a prime example. While he chastises the bankers whom he calls “money changers,” he fails to note that they along with other corporate-financier interests, hold dominion over the WTO and indeed all so-called “international institutions.”

Ashdown sees the world as interdependent at an unprecedented level and that tragedy in one nation inevitably affects all others. He also claims that the nation-state is no longer a viable proposition and cites a myriad of contrived global threats, the fraudulent “War on Terror” in particular, as evidence supporting his argument.

It’s just a logical extension of the ongoing war on the family.   All autonomous social and economic groupings must be digested into  the global hive, administered under the benevolent dictatorship of the luciferian counterfeiters.   What could go wrong?

In general people who have reached a certain minimum level of power in the governing hierarchy can be expected to personally benefit from the further consolidation of power, in the same way that wealth concentration tends to favor people who have a certain minimum level of wealth.   People below that level are pushed further down into the abyss.

GlaxoSmithKline Fined Over Vaccine Experiments That Killed 14 Babies

“Vaccine and drug giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been fined 400,000 pesos (around the equivalent of $93,000) by an Argentinian judge for killing 14 babies during illegal lab vaccine trials that were conducted between 2007 and 2008.

“In addition to killing the children and experimenting with human beings, the judge asserted that the corporation actually falsified parental authorizations so that babies could participate without legitimate parental permission.”

Frito-Lay sued for marketing GMO snacks as ‘all natural’

“Julie Gengo of Richmond, Calif., recently filed a class action lawsuit against Frito-Lay alleging that its snack products are fraudulently labeled. Frito-Lay Sun Chips and Tostitos products are made with GM vegetable oils and potentially even GM corn, but they are both labeled as being “All Natural.” But GMOs are not all-natural ingredients, and are, in fact, admittedly synthetic, which makes any product that contains them unnatural.”

American pediatric association tries to censor commonsense advice re: flu

“The vaccine industry gives millions for conferences, grants, and medical education classes sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).  The vaccine industry even helped build AAP’s headquarters.

Recently, the AAP President wrote a letter to the CEO of Delta Air Lines attacking the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) for creating a flu prevention video for in-flight programming shown on Delta Air Lines during the month of November.  The AAP asked Delta to block NVIC’s video from being shown to Delta travelers.

The video, which you can view here, offers sensible and proven tips for staying well during the flu season …”

BMJ Blows Whistle on Quack Medical “Science”

“Clinical trials of drugs and other medical therapies are carefully carried out and are the very gold standard of scientific proof, right? According to an in-depth review of this question just published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ,) the answer is no. In fact, the BMJ is sounding the alarm that data reported by scientists is too often not the truth — because the researchers leave out inconvenient evidence. The result of facts-gone-missing could well be harming patients, spiking up healthcare costs by the selling of medical treatments based on bogus findings, and threatening the very integrity of medicine.

These warnings come from multiple papers released by the BMJ. The whistle-blowing authors of these articles examined the extent, causes, consequences of hidden facts, figures, and other data scientists discover as they do human trials. It turns out this is no “once in a while” kind of problem, either. The BMJ claims a “large proportion of evidence from human trials is unreported, and much of what is reported is done so inadequately.”

CAFR: Hidden in Plain Sight

I don’t know what to make of this, but nothing surprises me any more.

“Since shortly after World War II, numerous governments (Federal, States, Counties, Cities, School Districts, etc.) have taken our tax dollars and invested them in a wide variety of different ways. They have managed to keep the general population completely unaware of these ENORMOUS investments.

“Every American citizen needs to understand that the government holds TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of stock in Fortune 500 and other corporations, as well as additional investments in foreign companies, foreign currencies and many, many other investments.”