Satanists in the Military

After viewing the Iraq: On the Dark Side in Al Doura video below, it’s not hard to believe there might be satanists in the active military.  Googling around, I found the following links:

The following paper was written by Michael Aquino, who seems to be notorious in this regard.  He’s interviewed in the 3rd link below.  The paper is fairly tame by today’s standards, until the end, where he references using directed energy weapons in connection with mind control.  Note he was also stationed at the presidio, where there was an active satanic cult according to the second link.


There appears to be a lot of disinformation mixed in with interesting nuggets out there, which I suppose indicates a predictable psyop campaign to distract and discredit real investigations into the issue.  High level intergenerational satanism would certainly explain a lot about what’s going on in this world.  By their fruits you will know them.

BTW: Remember, when you hear “CIA” think wall street.  Many of the top brass at the  CIA have had wall street connections dating back to its inception (see Mike Ruppert’s video in the ref section) and the CIA itself is a private corporation incorporated in delaware, as I’ve shown previously.   (impossible I know, just as impossible as the wall street ownership of the federal reserve).  And of course one of the CIA’s main functions in the economy is running drugs and funneling the proceeds through wall street money launderers like citibank.

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