Ronald Reagan autopsy

“Donald Regan and others have commented on Ronald Reagan’s strange passivity, his never asking questions or offering any ideas of his own, his willingness to wait until others place matters before him. Regan has also remarked that Reagan is happiest when following the set schedule that others have placed before him. The actor, having achieved at last the stardom that had eluded him in Hollywood, reads the lines and performs the action that others – his script-writers, his directors – have told him to follow.”

This seems at variance with this interview when he was governor of california, where he at least seems capable of expressing himself:

Given that there are drugs which can produce a trancelike, passive state, and given the bush family’s connection to reagan’s near assassination, the question must be asked: did we ever actually HAVE a reagan administration, or was it 3 terms of GHW bush?  Did reagan take pills for the rest of his presidency?


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