Propagandists Scramble to Censor Wall Street ties to Russian Protests

“As the evidence begins to mount pointing the accusing finger at the increasingly illegitimate corporate-financier occupiers of the West’s governments as having built up Russian opposition movements and being behind the current unrest filling Russia’s streets, the corporate media has already started to rewrite events as they unfold”

Whatever you think about Russia and Putin, do you think they are so clueless as to miss the wall street manipulations here?  Would you not consider it an act of war for Russia to attempt to overthrow the US government through subversion?  Of course there are good reasons for people to take to the streets (in both countries, I might add) but it’s naive to think that the behind the scenes connections being forged between wall street and the russian dissident leadership will evaporate when their claimed objectives are achieved.

But in any case, the US government has already been overthrown, though not by Russia.

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