London Trader: Tremendous Silver Shortages

“King World News’ London trader source today explains how the gold and silver price suppression schemes are working with increasing desperation as metal gets tighter and tighter. Echoing silver market analyst Ted Butler’s commentary this week (, he says the scheme now involves shorting metal from the SLV exchange-traded fund. And as your secretary/treasurer replied the other day to the Bank of England’s pose of propriety in gold dealings (, the London trader says bullion banks working with central banks know just how much gold the central banks will make available for market manipulation and this constitutes insider trading. In any case Chinese buyers, the London trader says, are happy to take all the metal being offered in such desperation to support the crumbling Western financial system.”

In other words, if you have money in SLV, they’re using it to suppress the price of silver!  How’s that for fraud?

The emperor’s clothes are falling away people, and boy is he ugly!

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