Birth Complications + Maternal Rejection = Violent Adults

Results: A significant interaction (P<.0001) between birth complications and early maternal rejection indicated that those who suffered both birth complications and early child rejection were most likely to become violent offenders in adulthood. While only 4.5% of the subjects had both risk factors, this small group accounted for 18% of all violent crimes. The effect was specific to violence and was not observed for nonviolent criminal offending.
Conclusions: To our knowledge, this is the first study to show that birth complications in combination with early child rejection predispose to violent crime. The findings illustrate the critical importance of integrating biological with social measures to fully understand how violence develops and also suggest that prenatal, perinatal, and early postnatal health care interventions could significantly reduce violence.
(Arch Gen Psychiatry.A 1994;51:984-988)

In other words, the common US experience of needless birth interventions including induced miscarriage (normally the baby initiates labor) and MGM + isolation and lack of breast feeding (which could well be experienced by a mammalian infant as maternal rejection) predisposes to violent crime.  And they’ve known this since the mid-90s.   But think of the profit opportunities both inside and outside of medicine.   Disaster capitalists invested in obstetrics a long long time ago.

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