William Engdahl Interview on BFP: Essential Listening

Don’t miss this interview.  This is Sibel Edmond’s site.  You need to subscribe to it to hear the podcasts but they aren’t asking for much and the site is excellent.  This interview needs to be heard by everyone who cares enough to try to be informed.  Engdahl discusses the many arenas where the puppeteers who control the USA are using it to jocky for power around the world.   Russia and China are of course the ultimate targets, and they’re already under various kinds of western-sponsored violence and destabilization.  And they know who’s behind it, but they’re hamstrung by their military weakness, although they’re trying very hard to close the gap.


China’s financial strategy for the moment is to get out of US treasuries as fast as they can (without disturbing the markets) and buying up real assets.  But the time when open military confrontation is inevitable is fast approaching.   The wall street nazis who control US foreign policy want to hurry things up while the other powers are weak.

Engdahl is always good, but this interview is exceptional.  Check out the other interviews in the series, which are also excellent.



The overall topic is the NWO.

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