How “Humanitarian Organizations” Provide a “Human Face” to War

“In August this year, it was alleged, babies in Syria were left to die in their incubators, after President Bashar al Assad had the electricity turned off. Pictures showed pathetic little souls, inexplicably blood smeared – and huddled.  However, some meticulous digging by Ali Abunima (iv) throws up many questions. Certainly the doctored picture was earlier in an Egyptian publication, showing overcrowded conditions in the country’s paediatric units – the babies in that one,were pink and healthy, nevertheless.

“As the fog of disinformation again obscures much, it is worth remembering that President Assad trained as a doctor, worked as one for some years, then did further post-graduate training, qualifying as an opthamologist at London’s prestigious St Mary’s Teaching Hospital group. He had planned medicine as a career, which was cut short when his brother, designated his father’s heir, was killed.  Accusations of targeting babies towards a man who had devoted years to studying medicine, should surely at least be questioned. Further, in an atmosphere of unrest, it would hardly win over the dissenters.

“On 25th October, Amnesty produced a thirty six page Report(v) largely taken from media outlets, and non-attributed videos, “documenting” gruesome abuses in Syria’s hospitals, including a variation on babies ripped from incubators, “ … at least one unconscious patient having his ventilator removed …” before being taken away, an unnamed “health worker” had said.  Four days after the Report was published Amnesty had organized a demonstration in London: “No more Blood – No more Fear”, which rallied outside the Syrian Embassy.”

 Of course there’s lots to condemn about Assad, there’s no doubt.  But the question is whether the true geostrategic aims of another western-imposed “humanitarian intervention” would be compatible with something better.  Clearly the answer is no.   Indeed in the case of libya, it’s been a catastrophe for the people.

The starry eyed naivete of the so-called progressive left media such as democracy now is wearing thin.  Someone is pulling the strings there.  Take a look:

Goodman can hardly claim ignorance of the agenda here.  Her censorship of US management of so-called democratic uprisings in targeted states is getting blatantly obvious.  And of course her token coverage the 9/11 conspiracy and blackout of Project Censored speaks volumes.  Thankfully there are plenty of alternatives from both sides of the carefully managed left-right divide in this country.

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