FBI Claims Agency Can’t Find Internal Documents On OWS


Isn’t it against the law for the FBI to lie in response to an FOIA request?  Funny, I thought they were public servants, not just another RICO vampire squid sucking the blood (and taxpayer dollars) out of this country.

I seem to recall they were caught red-handed breaking federal law by spying on peaceful protesters during the vietnam war


and falsifying forensic lab results to convict innocent people


Not to mention their involvement in the bungled investigation and coverup of the Oklahoma City bombing,



their red-handed complicity in the WTC bombing in 1993,


and numerous other terrorist plots:




So is it the FBI itself that is a criminal organization, or is it just infiltrated by some elite branch of organized crime?  If the “good cops” can’t reign in the “bad cops” it hardly matters.   Humanity has been down this road before, under the KGB, gestapo, stasi, savak and on and on ad nauseum.   And the funny thing is, they’ve usually been found to be working for international financial interests and committing treason against their own countries, wittingly or otherwise.   And another thing is, every time criminals get away with their crimes, they get more brazen.

I took the following link down from this blog several months ago because of an implied threat by what could only be government agents.   (are you really that surprised things have progressed to that point?)  But maybe it was the wrong thing to do.  Maybe if the russians and the germans had had some of this information, history would have been different.   So I’m putting it back in the reference section.  It’s like the man said: “either you’re with us, or you’re with the terrorists”.  Time for the “good guys” in the FBI to get off the fence and make a stand with the rest of us.



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