America has become a police state

“Today, in the Land of the Free, nonviolent political protesters using their First Amendment rights to speak out against all of the above can be beaten, tasered, and maced by heavily-militarized police forces, using military-grade equipment, without any provocation.

    • At UC Berkeley, Robert Hass, a former poet laureate, was clubbed by police while nonviolently protesting with students.
    • In Seattle, cops clad in riot gear pepper-sprayed an 84-year-old woman and an expectant mother.

Can we please dispense with the notion that the government is in the business of defending the united states?  Let’s get real: washington has seceded from the union and joined the transnational financial megacorp.  It’s a festering hotbed of corruption, terrorism and subversion, and those who follow its orders are pawns of foreign agents.

Look at the big O.  The peace president, the constitutional scholar, the nobel laureate.  A triumph of propaganda over substance.   If he’d been a disabled black lesbian crossdressing homeless veteran, would he seem more genuine to you?  How about if wore a funny hat?

Obama’s election said a lot about the humanity and decency of the people of this country.  It said absolutely nothing about the man himself.  Open your eyes.  We’ve been had.

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