Obama to Aid Uzbek Dictatorship

“The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, in a move initiated by the Obama administration, has voted to waive Bush-era human rights restrictions on military aid to the Islam Karimov dictatorship in Uzbekistan, one of the most brutal and repressive regimes on the planet. The lifting of the restrictions, now part of the Foreign Operations bill, is before the full Senate and appears to have bipartisan support. The Obama administration has indicated that it intends to provide taxpayer-funded military assistance to Uzbekistan once the legislation passes both houses of Congress.”


9/11 Terrorist Made Millions of Dollars on the Stock Market & Had Inside Info

Terrorism: the ultimate in insider trading

A Charles Sturt University (CSU) researcher says that what happens to financial markets after a terrorist attack, and how terrorists make money from these market movements, is illustrated by the suspicious trading that occurred immediately before the successful attacks on New York, Madrid and London.


Former Head of US Army War College: 9/11 Was a Mossad Operation

“Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He is listed in WHO’S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky’s teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad. You can email Dr. Alan Sabrosky at: docbrosk@comcast.net”


I believe Sabrosky has part of the story.  There’s no doubt Israel benefited greatly from 9/11, and multiple mossad teams were certainly involved (they were arrested and released, one group even confessed their role (“to document the event” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X63CQ-dXkwU ) on Israeli television!), they might even have been the primary intel agency involved, but they are only puppets of the same forces that control the US and UK governments.  Has Israel been set up as the ultimate fall-guy for 9/11?

In any case, Sabrosky says the military now “knows” it was a mossad operation.  These are dangerous times for Israel.  I hope Sabrosky takes it one step further up the pyramid.

House of Mirrors: The US Government as a Fear Factory

“President Kennedy’s science advisor Jerome Wiesner eventually came to realize that the so called “missile gap” and the massive buildup of America’s nuclear arsenal in response to it was only a “mirror image” of  America’s own intentions towards the Soviet Union and not the other way around. Yet instead of addressing the error, the U.S. slipped deeper into the Cold War mirror until its own identity began to take on the image of its “Other.”

“By 1973 these thermonuclear Jesuits and their CIA counterparts were using the U.S., NATO, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia to shake the Soviet Union’s domination over Central Asia through a Christian/Islamic holy war in Afghanistan. In a rational world it might be assumed that this war was supposed to stop with the defeat of the Soviet Union and the collapse of Communism. But instead of ending, America’s full blown splurge into personal and private holy war had caused the U.S. to slip into a crisis of identity.

“Forced after seventy five years of anti-communism to finally define itself based on what it stood for and not what it stood against, the United States entered a house of mirrors in which it continues to wander. Stricken by the results of decades of economic and military excess, it finds its mission confused and its underlying philosophical grounding threatened.

“What is America on the eve of 2012? Who are these Americans who revel in their dark powers? What have we become and how did we get that way?

“Join us as we explore the little-analyzed facts and mystical covert agendas that the United States continues to press on with into the 21st century and what those agendas may mean to America’s new role as the dark force that orders the universe in the run up to the 2012 presidential elections.”