Lethal Drone Deployed over Texas


Thank goodness our protectors have such powerful weapons to protect us from the terrorists they create of of thin air with the money they create out of thin air.  Maybe they can use it on the nuclear terrorists they armed under the CIA’s proliferation operation.


Or the drug gangs the ATF armed under “fast and furious”


Or the OTHER drug gangs the CIA helped smuggle cocaine into California?


Or will it be the arab terrorists the FBI arranged to bomb the WTC in 1993?


Or perhaps the militia types that the FBI framed for the bombing at OKC in 1995??


Or the government officials that protected the murderers of John Kennedy in 1963?


Or the government agents that murdered Martin Luther King?


Is this getting predictable yet?  Incredibly enough, I could go on for quite awhile on this thread, as you can see from the reference section below.  But who has time for conspiracy “theories” now that our savior Obama  is in charge?  He’ll set everything right, with goldman sachs, his biggest campaign contributor, that is.

I suppose we’re supposed to be scared of these clowns.  But when the curtain is pulled away, they actually look pretty pathetic and no doubt increasingly scared.  What are the chances they’ll actually survive their own public exposure?   It will be interesting to see.