The War on Cold Fusion

No, it’s not a “conspiracy theory”.  I attended a 6-hour long colloquium on the topic at UMC in 2009.  The phenomenon is not at all well understood, but it’s definitely real.  But perhaps even more fascinating than the physics itself is the almost hysterical reaction of the mass media and mainstream scientific journals in their rejection of the very possibility that you might be able to achieve nuclear fusion without multi-million dollar tokamaks and laser implosion devices the size of a large factory.  Given the concentration of media ownership and agenda these days, it certainly lends credence to the report that when Nikola Tesla reported an invention that would make electricty too cheap to meter, JP morgan pulled the plug on his research and confiscated his equipment and papers.  It seems artificially-imposed scarcity has been a tool of the robber barons for a very long time.

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