The Illuminati Speak: Marketing Irrelevance and Chaos to OWS

This well-produced video would be inspiring even to jaded people like me, except for its glaringly vacuous legislative agenda.  No mention is made of actually fixing the problems that have ruined the economy or solutions to them, such as nationalizing the central banks, repealing the drug laws, imposing a 1% tobin tax, re-instituting glass-steigal, cancelling student debt etc.  Instead of pointing out these eminently attainable remedies, “anonymous” calls on us to go to the streets to wedge the system and mouth platitudes about greed and corruption.  Everyone knows about greed and corruption, ok?  What is OWS’s political agenda?  To be a viable political movement you need a political agenda.

This plays directly into the hands of the controllers: the working classes who are very much dependent on their daily bread will see OWS as a bunch of young idealistic nincompoops with no solutions.  Instead of drawing in the real 99%, who are still slaving away at their jobs, OWS will become marginalized and the bandits will continue looting with impunity, while unconscious mass action gives the state a convenient pretext for imposing police-state methods.

This well-worn strategy of divide and conquer is a topic of academic studies in game theory, which is all about rising above left-right politics to grok and control the entire political game.  This is the kind of sophisticated orwellian machination that OWS is facing.

Unfortunately the older political “organizers” in this society have completely abdicated their responsibility to provide empowering knowledge to the young.   When vietnam was a current topic, old hands used to conduct teach-ins so that newcomers had some understanding of what was actually going on that couldn’t be found in the media or in public-school textbooks.  This was a key foundation of the successful movement to end the war.   The elites have learned their lesson well, it seems.


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