Bonesman John Kerry provides left cover for Iran attack

“Senior US Senator John Kerry left the door open Wednesday to military retaliation against Iran over an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States.”

Lest anyone forget this man’s background, he’s been groomed as a “leftist” political figure since his congressional testimony as a veteran of the vietnam war, claiming to speak for the rest of us.   But it turns out he’s a member of skull and bones (see reference section).  Oh yeah, he also ran against another bonesman for president in 2004.  Kinda narrows one’s choices.

This is the kind of long-term matrix manipulation the US public is being subjected to.

The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?

“A very small yet conscious minority has come to the realization that the current world regime is one giant corporate infomocracy that needs to be terminated with “extreme prejudice”, disengagement being the weapon of choice.  The next revolution will not be carried out by mobs of angry people, guerrillas, terrorists or, god forbid, politicians.  It will be accomplished by a small (10%) militant minority that will simply unplug the matrix.

Vaccine may be linked to metabolic syndrome via autoimmune attack

“Vaccine induced inflammation could be partly responsible for the type 2 diabetes epidemic, as well as soaring metabolic syndrome rates.

“In a little-known press release, Dr. J. Barthelow Classen found a 50% decrease in type 2 diabetes following the discontinuation of the tuberculosis vaccine.”

Sources: US Gives Israel Green Light For Iran Strike

“The Obama administration’s fabricated terror plot blamed on Iran represents the green light for an Israeli attack on Iran set to take place within the next two weeks, according to confidential military sources who spoke with Alex Jones.”

The neocons have been chomping at the bit for some time now.   Whether more fabricated plots or actual attacks are needed to condition US public opinion is probably being decided in washington right now.