Vaccines: Why are they lying?

Here are a few links (by no means exhaustive) giving a very brief overview of some of the major issues surrounding vaccinations. It’s not intended to imply that vaccines are worthless, only that many, perhaps all vaccines appear to be dangerous to one degree or another. Weighing the risk of vaccine-induced disease against the benefit of immunity must obviously be a personal decision if freedom and human rights are to have any meaning. Those who follow the government/medical/industrial complex closely will already have a healthy distrust of most things medical.


This site discounts the thimerosal/autism link, but this table is useful. It shows that the multidose flu vaccine vials have the historical dose of mercury. And since flu shots are given annually, children who go to clinics that can’t afford the single-dose vials are probably getting more mercury than ever before (which trashes one of the central establishment dogmas: that Hg has been phased out yet autism continues to rise “proves” that there is no link between the two)

And it also ignores this research:

Not to mention this problem:

This site only talks about sv40 but the potential for cross-species viral infection exists in all animal-incubated virus preparations. In fact some hold that HIV sprang from the same problem:
Also see the movie “The Origins of AIDS” which interviewed witnesses who attested to the use of chimpanzees in the polio vaccine project, a central point of controversy surrounding the book “The River” which strongly supports the authors contention that HIV arose from viral recombination of SIV and polio virus in preparing polio vaccine.

And then there’s this problem:

And finally good old fashioned corruption:

All of which necessitated the legal immunity conferred on vaccine makers:

The hysteria surrounding the pro-vaccination PR seems especially odd given the scientific facts:

Aluminum Vaccines: American Medicine’s Love and Devotion to Your Child

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