Monday, September 14 – Guest Marilyn Milos

September 14

Our guest was Marilyn Milos, RN.

In 1985, Marilyn founded and is the director of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC) and she is the organizer of the International Symposia on Circumcision, Genital Integrity, and Human Rights (there have been ten symposia, she is working on the 11th now). She is co-editor of six symposia books and is editing the seventh book now.

NO CIRC is the first organization in the US to address the circumcision issue shares her experience of starting NO CIRC and her most current concern: ” the agenda by white North Americans to push circumcision in Africa to prevent AIDS, a strategy that is sure to fail–but how many will suffer and/or die in the meantime–not from AIDS but from circumcision?”