August 17 – Guest, Colin Knauf

On Monday, August 17th our guest was Colin Knauf, a father, entrepreneur, author and researcher on the primal period of life. Listen to the podcast here.

This is a script of what Rich read with links following:

Shock doctrine:

I just wanted to help generalize the notion of what the shock doctrine is and how it can be applied in different domains. Naomi Klein deals with the shock doctrine in the economic domain, but the same principle can be applied in the medical and neurological domains as well. The shock doctrine is about traumatizing, colonizing and manipulating the behavior of large scale networked systems of individuals. Those individuals can be human beings in societies, human cells and processes involved in birth, or networked neurons in the brain. All of these systems are composed of very large numbers of individual entities, each one acting out essentially the same internal “programming” (so to speak) but in the context of different local environments. So for instance all the cells in your body have the same set of DNA, yet some cells become bone, some become skin, hair, muscle etc, depending on each cell’s micro-environment. It’s a miracle as unexpected and complex as mathematical fractals, which in a sense is what these self organized systems are.

The shock doctrine involves traumatizing the system by interrupting its self-organized internal processes so as to delete or replace the historical information embedded in it, creating a new system which in some sense is colonized by and dependent on the external disruptor for its survival.

One way to do this in the economic domain is through the control of money and credit. Money and credit are essential for even the most basic economic activity in this country. Getting produce from farmer to supermarket involves the free flow of money and credit between the farmer, the supermarket, the fertilizer industry and all the middle-men between them. If the commercial paper bond market stops functioning, as it did briefly last year, food shipments would stop even though the farmer has food that the consumer would be willing to trade his labors for. Although money is not real wealth (you can’t eat it or build a house with it) it is a standardized unit of value which is an essential catalyst for large scale economic activity. And our money system is under the control of private corporations, up to and including the federal reserve. Search for record number 0042817 on the Delaware state government’s division of corporations if you don’t believe me. This is an opportunity for conquest of this country by these same corporations.

The neural net version of the shock doctrine is accomplished via psychiatry’s use of electric shock treatment to partially erase the information encoded in the brain’s neural net, allowing for a crude form of reprogramming and, essentially, brainwashing.

This radio program is mainly concerned with the shock doctrine’s use in American obstetrics, which has the effect of imprinting trauma and/or sensory deprivation, or creates a state of dependency of the baby on medical procedures and concoctions which would not otherwise
have been wanted or needed. The disruption of normal physiological birthing processes creates a cascade of medical interventions which can impair the baby’s development and have life-long adverse effects even if the birth goes smoothly by medical standards.

MGM: (Male Genital Mutilation)

Please put down whatever you’re doing and listen very closely. You may never hear this information again. Take out a pen and paper because you’re going to want to write down some google search terms. I also have a blog on the columbia tribune’s web site called “spells”.
It’s under the reader blogs section. And get a copy of Naomi Klein’s book “The Shock Doctrine“, because it describes the economic future of this country.

Who am I and why should you believe me? I’m just a dedicated newshound who for 20 years has has access to the most powerful instrument of intelligence gathering ever invented. I’m talking
about the internet. Why should you believe me? I don’t want you to believe me. I only hope that you’ll be sufficiently intrigued that you’ll investigate this for yourself. As a demonstration that something very alarming is happening in this country, go to and do two searches. The first search is “wtc bombing rare”, the second one is “okc bombing rare”. These deal with the world trade center bombing in 1993 and the Oklahoma City bombing in ’95. The mass media is worse than broken. It is a tool of criminals and traitors who manipulate public perception from the shadows. We are living in the matrix.

This country is under siege from virtually every direction: economically, educationally, socially, psychologically, sexually, neurologically, pharmacologically, nutritionally, ecologically and
most especially informationally. The intelligence of the physical body can heal it from many physical wounds, but there’s no healing a misguided and well controlled mind.

Our future as a soverign and relatively free country is under severe threat. And the solutions which will be presented as a remedy for the impending trauma will close a trap which has been in preparation for decades. This has nothing to do with democrats vs republicans. The tools of control go much deeper than politics.

What I’m about to explain is only one aspect of the converging tidal waves which are bearing down on this country. I’m going to be brutal here. You’re not going to want to hear what I’m about to say. But you need to hear it, for your own sake but most especially for the sake of the future, if this country has a future.

We’re all responsible for our own actions, but no one lives in a vacuum. Our environment affects us tremendously, most dramatically and indelibly, our EARLIEST environment. As Janel can explain better than I, the fetus’s neural net indelibly imprints, I repeat IMPRINTS (you need to look this up) and retains everything that it senses. What it can sense at MINIMUM is sound, maternal hormones such as stress hormones, and probably maternal neural activity as
well. No one really knows all the profoundly intimate connections which exist between a pregnant woman and her fetus. Suffice to say that the mother’s environment, the mothers heart beat and breathing, her voice and feelings, begin imprinting on babies at some level
long before they are born. Imprinting is a well known and studied phenomenon among all mammals, and the power of its influence on a person’s life is readily apparent from a little reflection on how a neural net operates. Early experience creates the mind’s perceptual
foundation and its interpretation of future experiences throughout its lifetime. The newborn baby is already well developed and capable of imprinting at the moment of birth. It is also acutely sensitive to sensory input. These scientific facts have somehow escaped the notice of the american medical establishment.

What is imprinted on a boy’s brain at birth by standard American obstetrical practices is nothing less than physical and psychological torture, which physically, sexually, emotionally and socially impacts him for the rest of his life. There is no turning back.

Let me explain something about basic male sexual anatomy that they don’t teach in american medical school. The primary erogenous zone (which means pleasure sensing zone) of the male body is called the frenar band. It contains 10’s of thousands of fine touch receptors. It is far more touch sensitive than the fingertips. It is the male counterpart to the woman’s inner and outer labia and G-spot. And here’s the most incredible fact. It is part of the foreskin. It is
routinely CRUSHED by a sterile vise and cut off at birth by american obstetricians and pediatricians, under the euphemism of circumcision. And it has been done under a series of demonstrably false pretexts dating back over a century.

Here is a google search term: 3 words: taylor lockwood prepuce. The first two google hits confirm what the creator has given to humanity, a priceless source of ecstatic joy, parental bonding and family cohesion, which is routinely tormented and amputated by
american obstetrics.

The immediate psychological impact of this trauma on young boys is well studied and documented: google cansever circumcision.

The long term psychological impact in adults has also been studied, including its relationship to violence against women: google Rhinehart circumcision.

The pleasure sensory deprivation which results from male genital mutilation has also been linked to warfare and violence in the afflicted society. Google “Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence”

Finally, the brain damage which results from this operation, and its utility as an instrument of social control, is the subject of at least 2 published papers in psychiatric journals. Google
circumcision ronald immerman.

Circumcision became a routine medical procedure in this country about 6 generations ago, and it has had a predictable impact on the happiness, cohesiveness and mental health of american families and communities. In ancient history circumcision was the mark of a slave, and for good reason: it impacts the victim’s capacity for transcendent emotional connectedness with his mate, which corrodes both family and community cohesiveness. Emotional connectedness is the foundation for community self organization. Isolated and alienated people are much easier to manipulate and control than people who possess empathy and understanding for themselves and their fellow human beings. Thus, circumcision facilitates the domination of local communities by larger and wealthier social structures such as religions, corporations and nations. Whether accidental or deliberate, the consequences are the same: circumcision has the
effect of disempowering local communities, making them vulnerable to external colonization. It can thus be seen as a tool of large scale social manipulation and control, and has been explicitly promoted for this purpose by rabbinical scholars centuries ago. Google: decoding the rabbis circumcision, and rambam circumcision.

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