The Tightening Noose Around Non-Aluminized Children

The vast majority of kindergarten-age children in the United States are vaccinated against preventable diseases, but sizable pockets of unprotected children pose a public health threat, according to a government study released Thursday. Only 1.7 percent of parents of kindergartners sought exemptions in 2014 from laws requiring vaccination of children, according to the study, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Rates vary nationwide, however, with at least one state — Idaho — reporting more than 6 percent of parents seeking exemptions. Lawmakers in at least 10 states are trying to tighten school vaccination exemption rules after a measles outbreak at Disneyland sickened more than 100 people this year.

It’s not enough to pump kids up with aluminized “baby formula”, you have to inject them with aluminum and mercury.

What China’s Treasury Liquidation Means: $1 Trillion QE In Reverse

Earlier today, Bloomberg – citing the ubiquitous “people familiar with the matter” – confirmed what we’ve been pounding the table on for months; namely that China is liquidating its UST holdings.

As we outlined in July, from the first of the year through June, China looked to have sold somewhere around $107 billion worth of US paper. While that might have seemed like a breakneck pace back then, it was nothing compared to what would transpire in the last two weeks of August. Following the devaluation of the yuan, the PBoC found itself in the awkward position of having to intervene openly in the FX market, despite the fact that the new currency regime was supposed to represent a shift towards a more market-determined exchange rate. That intervention has come at a steep cost – around $106 billion according to Soc Gen. In other words, stabilizing the yuan in the wake of the devaluation has resulted in the sale of more than $100 billion in USTs from China’s FX reserves. 

That dramatic drawdown has an equal and opposite effect on liquidity. That is, it serves to tighten money markets, thus working at cross purposes with policy rate cuts. The result: each FX intervention (i.e. each round of UST liquidation) must be offset with either an RRR cut, or with emergency liquidity injections via hundreds of billions in reverse repos and short- and medium-term lending ops.

It appears that all of the above is now better understood than it was a month ago, but what’s still not well understand is the impact this will have on the US economy and, by extension, on US monetary policy, and furthermore, there seems to be some confusion as to just how dramatic the Treasury liquidation might end up being.  …

Most Prestigious Medical Journal in America Calls for GMO Labeling!

A recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) calls on lawmakers to label genetically modified foods.

The authors begin by pointing out the well-established fact that genetic modifications to make plants resistant to herbicides and pesticides have tremendously increased the amount of toxic chemicals dumped on crops. Between 1974 and 2014, glyphosate use alone has increased by a factor of more than 250.

This stands to become much worse. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided in 2014 to approve Enlist Duo, a new herbicide made by Dow Chemical that combines glyphosate and 2,4-D. This will lead to substantially more chemicals in our food: according to the EPA’s own projections, 2,4-D use will increase by as much as seven times as a result. (You can read our coverage of the new generation of combination herbicides here.)

The authors point out what many of us have realized for a long time: these are very nasty chemicals. 2,4-D is an ingredient in what used to be called Agent Orange when used in the Vietnam War. The World Health Organization’s ultra-cautious International Agency for Research on Cancer recently classified 2,4-D as a “possible human carcinogen” and glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen.” Both herbicides were linked to increases in malignant tumors at multiple sites in animals. Glyphosate was also linked to an increased incidence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in humans.

These new developments cause the authors to conclude, “The time has therefore come to thoroughly reconsider all aspects of the safety of plant biotechnology….We believe the time has come to revisit the United States’ reluctance to label GM foods.”…


US Military Now Has Authority to “Capture and Punish” Journalists Who they Deem “Belligerent”

Newly adopted Department of Defense guidelines will allow military commanders to “punish journalists” and treat them as “unprivileged belligerents.”

The DoD’s 1,180 page Law of War Manual outlines provisions for military commanders to violate the rights of journalists who they disagree with in vaguely written legal speak.

In June, the Free Thought Project first reported on this ominous manual. However, it has been updated now, and its use delegated to all branches of the military. …

The manual states that they are not ruling out torturing journalists either. According to the manual:

“Reporting on military operations can be very similar to collecting intelligence or even spying. A journalist who acts as a spy may be subject to security measures and punished if captured.” …

The Raping of America- Mile Markers on the Road to Fascism

There’s an ill will blowing across the country. The economy is tanking. The people are directionless, and politics provides no answer. And like former regimes, the militarized police have stepped up to provide a façade of law and order manifested by an overt violence against the citizenry.

Despite the revelations of the past several years, nothing has changed to push back against the American police state. Our freedoms—especially the Fourth Amendment—continue to be choked out by a prevailing view among government bureaucrats that they have the right to search, seize, strip, scan, spy on, probe, pat down, taser, and arrest any individual at any time and for the slightest provocation.

Despite the recent outrage and protests, nothing has changed to restore us to our rightful role as having dominion over our bodies, our lives and our property, especially when it comes to interactions with the government.

Forced cavity searches, forced colonoscopies, forced blood draws, forced breath-alcohol tests, forced DNA extractions, forced eye scans, forced inclusion in biometric databases—these are just a few ways in which Americans continue to be reminded that we have no control over what happens to our bodies during an encounter with government officials. Thus far, the courts have done little to preserve our Fourth Amendment rights, let alone what shreds of bodily integrity remain to us.

Indeed, on a daily basis, Americans are being forced to relinquish the most intimate details of who we are—our biological makeup, our genetic blueprints, and our biometrics (facial characteristics and structure, fingerprints, iris scans, etc.)—in order to clear the nearly insurmountable hurdle that increasingly defines life in the United States. …

Have you noticed?  The 9/11 traitors and mass murders are protected by the federal government while the people are being looted to finance corporate conquest abroad.  And don’t think the “national debt” fraud that those endless money-laundering wars created won’t be charged to you and your children.

9/11 is the key.  If you refuse to deal honestly with that fraud and speak the truth, this country is screwed.


Directors Statement

I first became interested in cell phone radiation and public health when a friend of mine contacted me regarding his father, Alan Marks who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer after using a cell phone for over twenty years. While Alan’s story itself was tragic enough, it was the role that his cell phone played which intrigued me and ignited my journey across the country in search of answers.

While pursing Alan’ s story and the deeper connection between cell phones and the human body, I learned San Francisco had been the first city in the world to introduce legislation that would have informed consumers about the safer ways to use a cell phone. Since the bill was introduced in 2010, over a dozen other nations have passed similar resolutions including England, Italy, and France.

However, San Francisco’s bill was never implemented due to a lawsuit filed against the city by the cell phone industry. As I continued to interview more brain cancer and tumor patients, I became more invested in uncovering not only the relationship between cell phones and human health, but also in exploring the role that politics, media, and scientific funding have on public awareness.

While concern about cell phone radiation and the long-term health effects are still largely unappreciated by the general public, I hope that as more impartial reporting and investigative efforts circulate the potential dangers will be impossible for an educated population to ignore.

Kevin Kunze,
Director, “Mobilize”

Transparency in all things