Environmental Impact of the Debt-Money System

The implications of this passage couldn’t be more important:

… In the [debt-based money] model here primary balance ratio is initially set to be one and balanced budget is assumed to the effect that government expenditure is set to be equal to tax revenues, and no deficit arises. Why, then, does the government continue to accumulate debt? Government deficit is precisely defined as

Deficit = Tax Revenues – Expenditure – Debt Redemption – Interest (8)

Therefore, even if balanced budget is maintained, government still has to keep paying its debt redemption and interest. This is why it has to keep borrowing and accumulating its debt; that is to say, it is not balanced in an expanded sense of budget. Initial GDP in the model is attained to be 300, while government debt is initially set to be 200. Hence, the initial debt-GDP ratio is around 0.667 year. Yet, the ratio continues to increase to 1.473 year at the year 50 in the model as illustrated by the line 1 in the right diagram of Figure 8. This implies the government debt becomes 1.473 years as high as the annual level of GDP. Remarks: Even if a debt crisis due to the runaway accumulation of debt fails to be observed in the near future, still there exists some ethical reasons to stop accumulating debts. First, it continues to create unfair income distribution in favor of creditors, that is, bankers and financial elite, causing inefficient allocation of resources and economic performances, and eventually social turmoils among the poor. Secondly, obligatory payment of interest forces the indebted producers to drive incessant [forced] economic growth to the limit of environmental carrying capacity, which eventually leads to the collapse of environment. In short, a debt money system is unsustainable as a macroeconomic system. …

Workings of A Public Money System of Open Macroeconomies
Kaoru Yamaguchi


Putin Advisor: There Will Be War

In some ways his analysis is superficial, it seems to me.  No mention is made of the central banking cartel that is pushing the drive to WWIII.   No mention of how the current economic “cycle” and the ascent of China were planned and carried out by this secretive group of money masters to their vast enrichment.  But he makes a lot of good points, including comparing the USA’s geostrategy to that of the british empire, which is no accident.  The families and financial interests that control the US like a puppet are the same interests that rose up and consolidated during the british empire.  This country never really won its independence in 1776 because the founders didn’t see the importance of placing the power of “coining” money solely with the government, being content to allow private banks to also issue money.  Now virtually all money is created by private interests.

The question for the american people, to the extent that they have any say in the matter, is whether their interests are more compatible with russia or with the satanic aristocrats that rule behind the scenes here.

He raises the question of why europe is cooperating with the agenda and offers no answer. Once again we see the power of the of the money masters and their secret societies. This is not good. If russia acts out of such ignorance the invisible empire may have its way.

He distills US policy in ukraine as being designed to maximize the number of victims in order to ignite a regional war. I think he hit the nail on the head.

Sewage Sludge: land application, health risks, and regulatory failure

Sewage sludge (also known as ‘biosolids’) refers to the semi-solids left over from municipal waste water treatment. Current legal disposal options include incineration, landfill, and land application to agricultural land, rangeland, or forests.

The resources on this page provide a scientific overview of health impacts from land application. Risk assessment is complex because Sludge Contains Highly Varied Amounts of Organic Chemicals, Toxic Metals, Chemical Irritants, and Pathogens. Furthermore, the effects of their interactions, long-term build-up in soils, leaching into waterways, and uptake into crops and the food system have not been well-studied. Thus, little is known about the long-term human heath and Ecological Consequences of Sludge Application. There is, however, clear scientific documentation of the sometimes deadly Direct Human Health Consequences of Land Application.  Furthermore, by bringing together and concentrating varied pathogens and antibiotics, Wastewater Treatment Selects Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, a health problem worldwide.

The paucity of scientific research is not accidental. Journalists and researchers have chronicled how the EPA’s Conflicts of Interest and those of other institutions, including the NAS, USDA, municipalities, and universities, obstruct sludge research and further undermine risk assessment and regulation.

EPA’s Sludge Regulation fails to incorporate existing scientific information and to protect the public. Yet while many scientific experts recommend a total ban on sludge application to land, EPA and others continue to promote it. Sludge is sold to the public as nutrient-rich garden compost and portrayed to farmers as a valuable fertilizer.

Even ending land application, however, is only a partial solution. Alternatives, incineration and landfill, are also hazardous. Ensuring ecosystem and human health requires Reformulating the Problem with the explicit goal of preventing sludge formation. This will require organic wastes and industrial wastes be kept separate and treated at their source. …


Ebola: ZMapp cures 100% lab monkeys

An experimental Ebola drug, ZMapp, has cured all 18 of the laboratory monkeys infected with the deadly virus.

According to Reuters, these include those suffering the fever and hemorrhaging characteristics of the disease and had been hours from death.

Monkeys not treated until five days after infection also survived.

Reportedly, no other experimental Ebola therapy has shown such success in primates. Five days of infection in the animals has been said to be the equivalent of nine to 11 days after infection in humans. …

ZMapp has been described as a mix of three antibodies that bind to proteins on Ebola viruses and trigger the immune system to destroy them.


Since ebola is a product of the invisible empire’s bioweapons research conducted by south africa in the 1970′s (implausible deniability notwithstanding), this concoction should be public domain.  It doesn’t sound difficult to manufacture.

Economic solutions already here for full employment, zero public deficits and debts

Labor Day is an Orwellian holiday: US “leaders” psychopathically pretend to care about American labor while lying about a real unemployment rate of close to 25% (the so-called “official” rate excludes under-employed and discouraged workers).

Along with unemployment, Americans receive policy enabling oligarchs to “legally” hide $20 to $30 trillion in offshore tax havens in a rigged-casino economy designed for “peak inequality.” For comparison, $1 to $3 trillion ends global poverty forever, saving a million children’s lives every month from slow and gruesome death (here, here). And, as always, US “leaders” lie-begat Americans into unlawful Wars of Aggression (in comparison, 11 days of US war cost would pay for all tuition of US college students).

Americans could have full-employment and zero public deficits and debt with monetary and credit reform.

These solutions are obvious upon a few moments of your attention. See for yourself: …


Fukushima Radiation Has Spread Worldwide

… The Journal Environmental Science & Technology – published by the American Chemical Society – reported last year that airborne levels of radioactive cesium were raised by 100 to 1,000 times (what scientists describe as two to three “orders of magnitude“):

Before the FDNPP accident, average 137Cs levels were typically of 1 μBq m−3 in Central Europe and lower average values (<0.3 μBq m−3) were characteristic of northern, western and southern Europe.

During the passage of contaminated air masses from Fukushima, airborne 137Cs levels were globally enhanced by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude.

Indeed, even hot particles and nuclear core fragments from Fukushima were found to have traveled all the way to Europe.

The French government radiation agency – IRSN – released a video of Fukushima cesium hitting the West Coast of North America.  EneNews displays a screenshot from the IRSN video, and quantifies the extreme cesium spikes:

  • Cesium-137 levels in 2010: 0.000001 mBq/m³ of Cs-137 (blue writing)
  • Cesium-137 levels in Mar. 2011: 1 to 10 mBq/m³ in Western U.S. (orange plume)
  • Cs-137 levels increased 1,000,000 – 10,000,000 times after Fukushima

Levels on the West Coast were up to 500 times higher than estimated.  Cesium levels from Fukushima were higher than expected worldwide, including in the arctic region of Europe

Radioactive cesium bioaccumulates in large fish and animals.

The radioactive half life of cesium 137 is usually 30 years. But scientists at the Savannah River National Laboratory say that the cesium at Chernobyl will persist in the environment between 5 and 10 times longer – between 180 and 320 years. …


Empire Fighting on All Sides of War in Syria

It was not even a year ago when we were bombarded with messaging that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a Supreme Evil and Grave Threat, and that military action against his regime was both a moral and strategic imperative. The standard cast of “liberal interventionists” –  Tony BlairAnne-Marie SlaughterNicholas Kristof and Samantha Power - issued stirring sermons on the duties of war against Assad. Secretary of State John Kerry actually compared Assad to (guess who?) Hitler, instructing the nation that “this is our Munich moment.” Striking Assad, he argued, “is a matter of national security. It’s a matter of the credibility of the United States of America. It’s a matter of upholding the interests of our allies and friends in the region.”

U.S. military action against the Assad regime was thwarted only by overwhelming American public opinion which opposed it and by a resounding rejection by the UK Parliament of Prime Minister David Cameron’s desire to assume the usual subservient British role in support of American wars.

Now the Obama administration and American political class is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the failed “Bomb Assad!” campaign by starting a new campaign to bomb those fighting against Assad – the very same side the U.S. has been arming over the last two years.

It’s as though the U.S. knew for certain all along that it wanted to fight in the war in Syria, and just needed a little time to figure out on which side it would fight. It switched sides virtually on a dime, and the standard Pentagon courtiers of the U.S. media and war-cheering foreign policy elites are dutifully following suit, mindlessly depicting ISIS as an unprecedented combination of military might and well-armed and well-funded savagery (where did they get those arms and funds?). Something very similar happened in Libya: the U.S. spent a decade insisting that a Global War on Terror – complete with full-scale dismantling of basic liberties and political values – was necessary to fight against the Unique Threat of Al Qaeda and “Jihadists”, only to then fight on the same side as them, and arming and empowering them. …


Is the US Planning to Blame Russia for Dollar Collapse?

Two birds with one stone etc…

Jim Willie joined TFMetalsReport this weekend for a special holiday podcast.   In this excellent report from the Hat Trick Letter editor, Willie discusses:

  • This week’s announcement by Gazprom that they will begin accepting payment in rubles and yuan

  • The escalation of US and EU sanctions against Russia and how they are failing/backfiring

  • Willie explains the US’ motives for provoking Russia via Ukraine: To entice Russia to prematurely move to place the Ruble into a reserve currency status, and ultimately, to blame Putin/Russia for the coming US dollar collapse!

  • The growing isolation of the US as a economic superpower

  • The eventual emergence of a new global currency regime & collapse of the dollar


Obama Stonewalling Release of Classified 9/11 Report

9/11 Commission Chairs, Congressmen and Intelligence Officers All Call for Declassification …


I have an idea.  Let’s go on pretending that we still live in a democracy!  As long as they get to keep on the velvet glove we get to keep going to the movies and watching tv and buying cheap stuff at walmart. Let’s pretend that we don’t know that elements of the federal government were involved in 9/11.  Let’s wait around and see if the people who are really in control of washington and the media allow their treason, mass murder and financial crimes to be exposed and prosecuted.  They just need a little more time to start WWIII or do another terrorist or biowarfare attack so the sheep stampede into whatever hell they’ve prepared for us.

As long as we keep our end of the “bargain” they’ll let us stay in the matrix a little while longer, at least until the dollar is worthless.  Then it’s the IMF and the military to the rescue!  Yay!  We can all eat mud pies and bullets until we just fade away, just like what has happened in every other country under bankster occupation.

Transparency in all things